Fox's Feud is the third book of The Animals of Farthing Wood series. It was first published in 1982 and has since been included in a single book with both The Fox Cub Bold and In the Grip of Winter and in the "Omnibus" edition (Hutchinson, 1994).



Following the losses of the harsh winter in White Deer Park, the animals face a new danger when they are treated with hostility by many of the Park's residents, including the territorial fox, Scarface.


The book begins with the birth of Vixen's four cubs: Bold, Friendly, Charmer and Dreamer and follows their early lives as they are supported and protected by all the remaining Animals of Farthing Wood. They grow gradually more independent as the story progresses.

Several meetings of the Farthing Animals are held, to decide on how best to deal with the new problems facing them and they maintain the "community spirit" established with the Ancient Woodland Oath, reinforced by the journey and the perils of winter. As a result of the territorial feelings of Scarface, they become confined to a small area of the Park and there are several eventful meetings between Farthing and White Deer Park foxes on both sides of the boundary.

In contrast to the TV series, the original story has Mole surviving to take part in the events following the winter. The presence of the Hedgehogs is also notable. Other characters who continue to play a major role in the story include Fox and Vixen, Badger, Tawny Owl, Weasel and Adder. Several of the smaller animals also feature and play helpful roles in opposing Scarface.

Characters in Fox's Feud

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Televison series

The events of this book are covered in the second half of the second season of The Animals of Farthing Wood (TV series), though the sequence of events is changed slightly

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