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"Fly Me to the Moon" is a popular standard song written by Bart Howard in 1954. It was titled originally "In Other Words," and was introduced by Felicia Sanders in cabarets. The song became known popularly as "Fly Me to the Moon" from its first line, and after a few years the publishers changed the title to that officially.


  • It was recorded first in 1954 by Kaye Ballard, and vended by Decca Records as catalog number 29114.
  • Portia Nelson recorded it for her album Let Me Love You (1956)
  • Johnny Mathis also recorded it in 1956, which was the first time the title "Fly Me to the Moon" appeared on a record label.
  • Felicia Sanders recorded the song in 1959. (Released by Decca Records, catalog number 30937.)
  • Nat King Cole recorded the song for the album Nat King Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays (1961). (Released on Capitol Records, catalog #1675)
  • Joe Harnell recorded an instrumental version in 1962, as "Fly Me to the Moon – Bossa Nova". This version became the biggest chart hit, reaching #14 (#4 easy listening) on the U.S. pop singles charts.
  • Jazz drummer Roy Haynes, accompanied by Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Tommy Flanagan on piano, and Henry Grimes on double bass recorded the song as a brisk instrumental waltz for the albaum Out of the Afternoon (1962). (Released by Impulse! Records, AS-23).
  • The song also became an international best seller after Connie Francis had recorded it on September 28, 1962 in Italian and on February 25, 1963 in Neapolitan (both versions were released under the title Portami con te).
  • A Spanish version was recorded on February 21, 1963 under the title Llévame a la luna, although this recording was also released under the title Mandame a la luna.
  • An original arrangement by Ernie Freeman is found in Julie London's album The End of the World (1963). This version has a different intro than usual: a jazz pizzicato instrumental sequence and piano accompaniment.
  • Patti Page featured the song on her debut LP for Columbia Records, Say Wonderful Things (1963).
  • Doris Day recorded the song for her highly acclaimed album Latin for Lovers (1964)
  • Earl Grant recorded his instrumental version on the albaum Fly Me To The Moon (1964).
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