Fluid Friction Comics is a Hong Kong comic book based comic book company with subsidiary offices in the UK. Founded in 2006, their debut title DevaShard launches worldwide in July - August 2008.


Script error Fluid Comics is a Hong Kong based company founded by Simon Squibb, and Helen Griffiths. It began operations in October 2006.[citation needed]


Fluid Friction's debut series, DevaShard, was inspired by the ancient Indian mythological text, the Mahabharata, and focuses around the life story of the character Karna.[citation needed] The synopsis reads: "Set in the epic world of Bhumi, DevaShard chronicles the life of a radiant son robbed of his birthright and plunged into a land gripped by darkness. In this world of magical beasts, mighty gods and cursed daemons, the hero must fight to become a fearsome warrior if he is to survive the evil threatening to extinguish him."[citation needed]


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