Flower of the Deep Sleep (ふかい眠りの花 Fukai Nemuri no Hana?) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuana Kazumi. The manga was licensed in North America by Tokyopop,[1] licensed in Germany by Carlsen Comics and Taiwan by Ever Glory Publishing.[2]


Yuuki, a girl who can see into the future via her dreams, is caught in a love triangle between her own sister, Yuuka, and the two brothers they are to marry: Ryuune, who can read minds, and Ryuunosuke, who has the psychic power to soothe. When a strange dream girl starts to drag people into a coma-like sleep, Yuuki must enter people's dreams and save them.


Kadokawa Shoten released the manga's two bound volumes between January 17, 2003 and August 11, 2003.[3][4] Tokyopop released the manga's two bound volumes on May 22, 2007.[5][6] Ever Glory Publishing released the manga's two bound volumes between October 17, 2003 and August 10, 2004.[2][7]

Reception's Eduardo M. Chavez comments on the attempt of the author, Yuana Kazumi, to make the concept of "dream worlds and magical boyfriends" work.[8]'s Patrick King commends the manga for its art.[9]


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