An effeminate appearing man in a shinobi outfit with serious yet kind initial personality which shifts to a clueless one when near Fuko and when the situation calls it merciless and cold even more than Tokiya. He felt gulity of being descended from the cowardly Hokage who ran from the battle and his loyalty to Kurei is redemption for this sin. He is the 3rd strongest of the Jyushinshuu (2nd when wielding Raijin).

Part in Story

He first appears in Kurei's mansion and tells Mori Kouran has ordered Kurei to leave, he returns as the only member of the Uruha Rai/Uruha Ikazuchi (Uruha Thunder) participating in the Ura Butō Satsujin meeting Fuko for the first time and saving her from situations ever since and gives advice. He eventually battles her and is defeated with the help of Domon.


He is very agile and a merciless heart in battle though mostly shows mercy in public, for weapons he uses a ninja sword and shurikens to fight, and Raijin for very important battles. Raijin (雷神 Thunder God?) - A gauntlet owned by Raiha which allows its user to control and generate electricity. However, unlike most madōgu, in order for the Raijin to work at full strength, it forcefully attaches a proboscis-like extension into its user's nervous system and uses up his or her life force to boost its attacks. In this sense, Raijin is a madōgu that uses its master, not the other way around. Because of its nature, Raiha tries as much as possible to avoid using the Raijin, even to the point of sealing it using the primary stone of the Fūjin. Its primary stone has the symbol thunder (雷 ikazuchi/kiminari?) written on it. It is the rival madōgu of the Fūjin.

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