The 6th strongest of the Jyushinshu and the 5th of Team Kurenei.

Appearance and Personality

One of Jushinshu and the only one given any background other than Bakuju's ability to take over bodies, he fights in Kurei's team Kurenei and loses to Domon in the Final round. He is large, well muscled man with gray skin and no visible clothing; he has mechanical hands and feet which are able to fire condensed engergy beams. Personality wise, he is completely blank other then his desire to move on to new bodies to survive as they decay eventually. As such his current head was a skull


Uses super human strength and fires condensed lasers from his cybernetic hands, his true weapon is the Bajuku, the helmet with white hair normally worn. When it grasps a head of another person, Bakuju acts as a virus to delete the identity of that person till he/she is dead and can be used for the moment. This is flawed because although Noroi is immune to pain; however if someone with a strong will power is used as the target then Noroi will be overwhelmed.

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