Neon is the captain of Uruha Oto (Uruha Sound) and one of the Jyushinshuu female members including her and Flame of Recca/Mikoto . She is multi-colored hair (red and black in the manga, red and orange in the anime) with well endowed breasts noted by Genjuro who loves to touch him. She wears a slightly skimpy outfit with her orb madogu on her left breast and a musical note on her cape extension. Intially she seemed to be one of the slightly non loyal Uruha agents till the fight with Recca. She is possibly bisexual since she flirts with her sisters and loves Kurei. In strength, she is the 8th strongest next to Noroi, Kai, Raiha, Joker, Rasen, and Meguri Kyoza in raw power.

Part in Story

She and her sisters/teammates Miki and Aki were taken in by Kurei as maids when they had nowhere else to go, and it is because of the kindness he showed (and his devotion to Kurenai) that Neon pledges her allegiance to him. She kills "Genjuro" after Uruha Maboroshī lost to the Hokage, only to encounter him again at the latter part of the manga to truly kill him. Neon has the innate ability to create force fields. She wields the madōgu Fukyō Waon, an orb that manipulates sound waves which she utilized with her flute, but the orb was destroyed by Tokiya and saved Recca's Madoka. In the latter part of the manga, she returns to the Ura Butō Satsujin arena's ruins to claimFlame of Recca/ Jisho's Jisōto.


Fukyō Waon (不狂和音 Dissonance?) - An orb madōgu that can store, amplify, and redirect sound waves to cut things, crush them, or cause explosions. It has the symbol sound (音 oto?) written on it. Neon of Uruha Oto uses it to turn her flute into a deadly weapon. Fukyō Waon can also store huge amounts of energy to the extent of infinity which can be used to do a very powerful self-destruct attack. The attacks Neon used with it are: Quartet - A straightforward attack. Prelude - An attack that moves in an arc. Concerto - An attack that bounces off the Yamabiko. Rhapsody - An attack that causes big explosion to the ground by releasing a bomb like attack. Serenade - A straightforward attack using three notes. Fugue - An energy blast attack that spreads out to attack wider area. Requiem - An attack that unleashes all of the vast energy stored in the Fukyō Waon. It's designed to kill the attacker, the victim, and just about anyone within the general vicinity. In additon, she has the initiate physic ability to create force fields. She is a master swordsman as such is able to use Jisōtō easily.

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