Fish in the Trap (おさかなはあみの中 Osakana wa Ami no Naka?) is a three-volume yaoi manga that follows the relationship between a high school swim team captain and his young admirer. It was created by the Japanese mangaka Ranma Nekokichi, and the OVA prequel offers a beforehand look into the characters' lives and relationships with each other. The manga is licensed in Russia by Comics Factory.[1]


After seeing a high school swimming competition with his friend Eiichi Yoshino , Matsui Takahiro falls in love with the swim captain and decides, upon entering high school, to take up swimming. The two eventually become involved in a relationship. However, the swim captain's old gang isn't so keen on this new boy who is constantly occupying their friend's time and thoughts. Matsui's own friend is against the relationship, as well.


Yuuji Tsukamoto
A high school student who is also the heir to a large business franchise. He is the captain of the swim team, and has had his eye on Matsui Takahiro for a while. Forced to take over his grandfather's company, Yuuji sees himself as the "fish in the trap", one who spends his entire life flailing helplessly in the palm of his grandfather's hand; unable to do anything to get free, unwilling to rebel, just allowing himself to be led and controlled.
Matsui Takahiro
A troubled young boy who becomes involved with Yuuji Tsukamoto against his will. He harbors an interest in the older boy, but finds that he isn't quite prepared for the pace at which their relationship starts to blossom. He was once a loner, until he met his best friend, Yoshino Eiichi. He is devastated when he realizes that Eiichi, his most trusted confidante, also has romantic feelings for him.
Eiichi Yoshino
Matsui Takahiro's best friend, the bespectacled Eiichi is deceptively docile-looking and kind. After transferring to Matsui's school, he quickly befriended the lonely boy, and the two became inseparable. Once Yuuji Tsukamoto begins to seduce Matsui, however, Eiichi's dark side emerges, and he becomes violent and aggressive towards his former best friend.

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