Manga: Fighterball

Pito a boy who was 15 years of age had come from an alien planet and alien but he had human form and had all terrestrial bisht.Te was found near him were amazed because his power level amounted to 2000 . On the other earthly thing that was very fantastic and scary for the highest level of earthly power to reach up to 500.Ky boy had come to be coached as an even more powerful enemy that he wanted to kill, the so-called Vegota with an average power level 10000.Pito after 2 years working out with his friends land as Jacura, kraslo, pidono etc., became even more powerful and power level to get his friends and his 6000 amounted to 3,000 . By the end of that time came to leave ANTI vegotes Pito although the same effect was not the secret weapon he had that made him even more fuqishem .Keshtu that he was going to face te.Pasi they began takuhan Jousts immediately which lasted for 1 hour and pito vegota had a great faces and their level of power but also shrinking vegota rritej.Keshtu that there was much choice but to go to its final form kaiodo with a power level 50.000.Kjo python surprise thing that had the power of 20,000 and had not the slightest chance that it mundte .Me after pito by angry big fuis reached the level of 25,000 by creating a beam ete big that used to hit vegoten without no efekt. Cfare will happen in the next episode would be transformed into a kaiodo pito level 1. Episodes 2Edit

After transformation in kaiodo vegotes first level pito was injured very badly by the numerous rays of the issue vegota.E only way to stop it was to be cut off the tail and kthehnin in normal condition with a power level of 30,000 where again would be more powerful than pito but will still have a chance to fitonin.Pas some efforts work because nothing was too fast and they were very angry dobet.Vegota killed two friends from the pithos with a big ruse . pito not tolerate this and so was transformed into kaiodo with a force of 40.000.Kjo thing did not last long after vegota more punches and more power radius has reduced pithos but his clashes myself that they were pito benin.Kur returned to normal after you loot bishti.Tashme vegota python had in hand and was about to kill him but stopped suddenly because pidoni hit him with a final beam almost exactly on the right and another friend of kralin a pithos with a radius of disc cutting point the cut tail and so vegota became normal form and the level of 5000 went by multiple rays that had caused tij.Vegota pito and friends cursed those that had made it and was ready to die for Pidoni wanted to strike at the heart range is pito stopped saying I want to kill him but only ralles other vetem.keshtu he fled with his spaceship and left the planet zurbo.Pas a week had reached 30,000 pito due to the labor room which had a gravity 100 times larger than pito toka.Ne this room could not contain himself because he was used to the level of gravity of the earth but still learned over the kohes.po The next episode will ndoshi what will catch up to where the power is the power of vegotes pithos. Episodes 3Edit

After all these events took pito being done more and vegota.Mbreti also strong soul (spirit Maester) unknown by the pito kill him for a condition tranjimi best to teach them techniques that tij.pas 1 year of pito whole had learned all the techniques of King's soul had reached 70,000 and the average level of force that over.Meanwhile vegota train in the gravity room or in different planets consume ata.Ai had a much higher level than pito but it would not be for many kohe.Ne land came a new danger while there was vegota pito also have to face this danger that threatened the tokes.Ky fighters came from the tribe of Lagatusa destroyed many who were mentioned by Their great strength and the various forms that they resembled kishin.ata not as people but had a view of all ndhryshe.pas a very powerful dylyftimi pito was defeated and fell ndjenjat.Pito was captured by Lagatusa.Ai is pithos summoned his powers technique Fiji-ki (fuji-ki) but he has not absorbed all his powers when you wanted to kill him later by vuajtur.Por this did not happen because you pinned pithos feelings and bamboozle reaching force 500,000 while his enemy had a force of 400.000.Nuk it was known that the great strength and the unprecedented pare.pito was almost possible and wounded him severely, but he returned in the form of two of his reach 1.000.000.Nga level of power from this power pito had to do because of what had passed tij.Cfare forecasts will happen later would win pito as other forms have Lagatusa. Episodes 4Edit

Meanwhile lagatuses powers were rising powers are exhausted pithos he was about to vdekur.lagatusa with a final blow to the python died bringing him into the world of pertejme.Toka was at a great risk and be ready for the pithos shkateruar.Miqte became about fighting but lagatusa go in the form of a third of its power level 5.000.000.Ai killed many of them and finally create a radius as large as would instantly destroy my planet earth. He issued radius and for themselves disappeared, leaving the ruined land that together with all living creatures she kishte.Pito paradise while we met again with the master spirit told him that I coached with shume.Por soul king said it was too late because the All living beings have vdekur.Pito land with an angry shpethim energy and returned with yellow hair and raised above which called superkaiodo 1.Niveli forms of power had passed his measures with a force of 10 million. The master spirit was marvel and said he was ready for it became possible to ligun.Pito ready to go to him but he had a dead snag and could not return to kill the universe gave Lagatusen.Mjeshtri spirit soul pithos his back and that we jete.Cfare will happen later would win pito with all that power it has.

Episodes 5Edit

Pito with a staggering arrived at the place where it was a struggle lagatuses and made possible the making of being tortured in the end it killed him and haul it to the latuses ferr.Vellai was angry and unlike his tribe he had two forms of this thing to make it vecante.Niveli of his power reached more than 15 million pito.Pito then clashed with the might and power but landed his shume.Ai the techniques he had learned master spirit Using the one that the 2-fishonte power users and uniting it with one superkaiodo make a force of 20 million that is greater than Lagafi.Lagafi lagatuses brother was tmerruha labors and tried to escape but pito destroyed and a range of ate.Me killed in shpetoj.Por fun he had to do what all living things on the planet earth but the earth were zhdukur.Per palneti their return Pito was only a possibility that if it was one of the fighters fret walks (Fighterball ) he could express a deshir.Cfare would later what happened to the great power-at.A fighterball have enough power going to Vegoten Pitos.Cfare. Epoisodes 6Edit

Meanwhile vegota was training to dying and all those who came out ahead before a fighterball.Vegota did not know it was a fighterball and immediately attacked with a free kick fell down vegota marvel ndjenja.Ai was what had happened was pamundur.Ne his camera to capture the power of fighteball's power had gone vegota 500 million and had a power level of 3.000.000.Ai would not allow this thing took his ship and left the planet vegota.Kur menjehre arrived scientists told him planet to create a device with different gravity and greater than the planets tjere.Shkencaret invent this device for 5 days and went vegotes level 3.500.000.Ai s Eber joined a gravity 100 times larger than it was trained toka.Pasi had become very powerful, but even he had sia idea came Batosa tij.Kur powers that he had taken hostage planet vegota you stormed and explosive radius 2 and finally a vrau.Kur punch in the belly of the ship demolish finish vegota of gravity that none atje.Me not to train after he left for the land to be confronted with python with what he had more inat.Por will not find a surprise kendeshme.Cfare will notice the eyes. Episodes 7Edit

Pito planet was in the hereafter is the master spirit and find a way how to recover all those people killed by the spirit lagatusa.Mjeshtri said he had two ways: If kills or if fighterball disappeared forever from hell lagatusen namely that his soul me.pito said not to exist immediately let them do it destroyed body and soul master tij.Por stopped and told not to pass the gates of hell after that must pass Giving a priceless gift for you, your power. Then let them kill rruajtesin the gate and pass lirisht.Por this is not possible since if rruajtesin kills the hell you even if you are a man of good will end up ferre.Pito said he did not care and immediately go on to though the gates of hell were very larg.Vegota not felt the power of pithos because he was already between two boteve.Por he knew this was vegota marvel and remember that vdekur.U had left for the planet earth with a speed not great, but he found land aty.Me a radius shpethim agrisiviteti hit its strongest one of the planets and demolish ate.Pasi he was ready to destroy the sun, angry master soul stopped and said that pito is alive will be back soon when we entered the gates of hell and destroyed his soul to return the land and people of saj.Vegota turned and headed by craftsmen energy spirit he will ate.Cfare dictated occurred on the master spirit. Episodes 8Edit

Once we arrived vegota master spirit world, he wanted to kill her after you tell where the hell was where the gate was pito.Por jeshtri spirit would not let him in because he controlled all his planet and can also make opponent or statuje.Mjeshtri not moving spirit with a beam of light that issued to the vegota statuje.Por back in after 30 minutes after he was released and issued a force maramendese superiore.Mjeshtri marvel spirit was what he had to do just that to destroy my planet together with his vegoten but we will die this way he used to dy.Keshtu radius kuxhika-fi (kuji-fi) with vegoten stopped hitting and power shteroje.Mjeshtri spirit soar to escape the issued and vegota and a range of ate.Me killed after he left for paradise and others that pyste where the hell after he went to the paradise and hell rruajtesi he said that you did not die and can not go to hell except street nuje which lead only to ferr.Pasi rruajtesi way he has showed the way for carrying ikuper to meet piton.nderkohe pito was about to achieve and when he arrived he saw the gate of hell had no razor that protect eta starting caught pito 2 master of defense and appeared before saying what I said ketu.Piito wanted to destroy a soul so lagatusen.Mbrojtesi said that if this makes you want to stay in hell but before that pass will give me something . Pito gave her a pendant that he has given master and give them over to the defense for pito porta.Kur ufut gates of hell to find something unexpected in hell njeresish troops had killed skilete barbed wire and there were many plants vdekjeprurese.Atje a large prison for those who were very ete keqijn.E only thing that was done there was a world war or world tour that place who was with the miri.cfare will happen here would participate in the tournament pito boteror.apo die between suffering in hell. Episodes 9Edit

In the end we get new pito reached the gates of hell but found a good surprise for all fighters who lived there were tortured and then after they torurimit pondering a world tour wins, and if your soul will not disappear forever. Pito pretended like he was one of them and succeeded to enter the tournament boteror.Nderkohe vegota was reaching for the gates of hell and an opponent of the old master himself appeared before Guzda.Vegota wicked as he was tmerrouha to Moon beat him because his level of maximum power reached their 50.000.000.Beteja the start guzda issued a lethal radius but vegeta was avoiding and bombard it with shumefishta.Atij beam had not happened asgje.Vegota marvel because he was buzda in the Hereafter he did not remember it immediately vdekur.Dhe the master spirit * You will not come on to the gates of hell with thy wickedness, * and so he fell qekjo mind can be an illusion invented by Hell for evil to tij.Me sidewalks after check after he overcame his mind of luzionin street and headed to the gates of ferrit.Nderkohe pito are faced with a very strong fighters and was ready to die but with an explosion energy and take my opponent on the ground and destroyed the spirit of tij.vegota came in was about to be introduced is the protector of Hell stop and said that they could not pass so vegota with a radius of wounded as he did rrane ndjenjat.pasi 5 people came this thing called the company which caught ferrit.E related vegoten the chains and then torturuan.Torturat had no end and exhaust fuqite.Cfare vegotes is going to happen with vegoten he would live. Episodes 10Edit

When vegota pito was being tortured and injured more seeds sinxhuka kishteas not that I healed them, seemingly hell vuajtejet we had no pidoni sosur.nderkohe had escaped and was finished in a distant planet and that planet pazbuluar.Ne creatures had 1000 power until 3000 then laughed dobeta.Pidonu very big with their levels of fuqis.Tashme for python was time to fight a mysterious enemy and maske.Shpejtesine had very great as to cast a bit of pithos position reached in the twinkling eyes of hits with 10 punches in punches at waist Barl 3 and 4 punches in the face and the hall with a large range of floor and has already pito pithos was almost unconscious on his opponent toke.Gosiku made ready kufiki-raxhu technique (kufici-rachu) but pito issued all his energy and became a 1.Energjia superkaiodo level had reached its peaks and with one punch opponent was left without ndjenja.Te all transfixed by the power The tij.Ndersa for vegoten was unlike his powers are exhausted anything that had a sense he was dying from torture many punches and explosive rays that nosuku-called Gaja (nosucu-gaya). vegotes power level had reached 50,000 so quickly and effortlessly but not ito since derzohej easily reached vegota superkaiodo also did the same thing retherotull everything was cut off from power pabeshueshme that had vegota.Erdhi vegota the time you enter the gates of hell and went immediately shpethim with a force of energy passing pithos killed 10 people in a radius hell and finally arrived at the pito to rendesishmi.Valle as he will end ndeshja.Kush will win. Episodes 11Edit

Then when we returned vegota superkaiodo arrived and immediately hit with a fist python without leaving pito spirit disappeared and came back and hit from range but had not suffered asgje.Vegota vegota with a maximum speed python fist hit 10 times in the abdomen and finally a beam in koke.Por pito not immediately surrender as he was transformed vegota superkaiodo and start hitting with the force vegoten had but something unexpected happened just leshohi his Fujigain immediately fell on the ground and took heart in hand . pito not realized what was happening he was already in the hands of fate because vegota can strike at any got up and started again to face but his strength was reduced and also shpejtesia.Ai can not bear to no beam after passing will not ndjenja.Vegota did pito fell unconscious and not knowing what will happen with pas.Sapo vegota wanted to hit the radius kodo python-fi and vegota suffered a heart pain and so the hit vegoten from the back and he fell without ndjenja.cfare happened without speed keshtu.Asnje that there came a Fighterball veprimit.Sepse who was from the tribe of pithos kaiodo and vegotes.Cili was the secret of this power though his hair was longer Is this form of superkaiodo level 2.Apo vegota pito and had a sudden heart attack and other misterioz.Gjejeni the episode of pain-Combatants *** *** Episodes 12Edit

After vegota and pito were in a crisis at the heart attack master spirit who had died came and we leshohi vegotes bodies and pitoj a spirit called bomb.Kjo ray beam to the sheruhan them with a completely different power levels approximately 50,000,000 ordinary . Moreover master spirit gave two rings which allow you to join us vegota insisted beginning but then they joined and the level of their normal power back after we get 1,000,000,000,000 Super Kaiodo with a power level of 100 billion .000 which with a maximum stroke and died magnificent Fighterball-in.Kjo anything directly cause an open war with the other at fighterball-IF were dying because they have to kill a brother without the other those who have killed ate.pigotes you kujtuhan while some old words * In order to pass the threshold of your power nevrikosu with what will kill *. Pigott this thing broke out with a rasp and explosion energy menjehre became Super Kaiodo level 2 with a power level of 800,000,000,000,000. pigoten it please the thing and was ready to kill every man that came up before because Pigott union had vegoten pithos with the killer instinct vegotes thing that would make this the strongest young fighters. what will happen in the next episode with the fight against fighterball-s. Episodes 13Edit

After two years in the event that had happened in fighterball-pito and vegota were still united and can not do anything about kete.Niveli of their power was greatly improved as could not have taken with a mend.Po this was sufficient fighterball-level to at or was simply a miz you could lehte.Nje Pigott was training day and make yourself an EVIL power coming from pemet.Pigota realized there might be any enemy and immediately returned to niuvelit super kaiodo of 2 for but was sure to menjehre Pigott power disappeared and more afraid of this because of the mysterious man had passed a limit much faster than he and Pigott could not caught when it was clear iku.Duket is still a fighterball we can not be sure because there are plenty of powerful warrior who wander around the planet to be destroyed ato.Pigota was trained to spend more to this situation and after three years of spending had reached the greatest level possible and wanted to make a long break for the trouble that I had bere.Tek calm down the river lying in part to a sudden brightening sun is energy in the form explosive bomb goditi.Menjehre Pigott avoided but was not sufficient income for the challenger managed it with a striking rapidity with grusht.Pasi he flew nearly hit Pigott to achieve Goal and fell again posht.Pigota was injured the only thing to do was to have been transformuha speed transformohej.Kur his opponent managed and then he struck with a finger ate.Pasi Pigott hit with a finger polosi their new challenger down and power vdiq.Cfare pabesuheshme.Ata staggering and did not know who was bugged by an enemy even stronger still with the The stervitur.Kush still prepared this opponent was unique ...? Episodes 14Edit

1 day later after clash occurred Pigott was eating bread in the form of greed if there was an explosion henger ndonjehere.Booom nddhi great in a town where food afer.Pigota left and went in that town not possible with the energy kishte.pasi strong he arrived without a very strange and alien could certainly be one that is alien pergjonte.Pasi a story of how he wanted to know his techniques and how he understood it was understood that he ata.Emri had tapped the alien was his Logoti.Fuqia exceed those power pigotes bad since he had wanted to nujk pigotes encounter against adversities as it would be to deprive a fighter so the zote.Por Pigott became almost laughed and revealed his secret energy level 3.Logoti Super Kaiodo he was surprised and tried to escape but was captured and Pigott hit with three punches to lightning and strong in the stomach or trup.Logota remained in place as it was ready to Pigott kill something strange happened that a person was found behind pigotes direkt.E pamandur impossible theriste Pigott and after that hit the enemy with a hand on his neck and left unconscious unconscious pigoten.Pasi left he made a Technical and they were separated from the bodies of a man being tjtrit become weaker than the predicament they were in. pare.Cfare vegota.Vetem pito and had an opportunity to escape to join them again but will not reach the contrary they can reach up the death and no one has to be revived after all pithos and vegotes friends on other planets are being stervitur.Na follow in the next episode special. Until death *** *** Episodes 15Edit

           Until death ***

Pito and vegota were unconscious and their opponent was nearly killed by them but lagota told his friend that you pondering the challenge of death where fighters clash sorts of different power and very forta.Pasi they entered the ship Their departure took place in the planet where this tour that he was alive and remain your win you lose vdisnin.Kur they arrived pito and vegota were awake yet always had no way out of mbaathnin labors as their enemy was strong and faster than the ata.Per because of this they were handcuffed and were going on tour which will regjistroheshin.Ata death was regjisteruan arrived and then he took off the handcuffs because now no way kkishte nu labors escaped after the place where they there was no way out and was isolated plotesisht.Tashme had continued matches and the first match will be fought Madaka a giant monster and plumed Soloreu njeriut.Teknikat their bodies were too powerful and pito and vegota communique also had not seen pare.Kete win the match and followed so Madake second Spartoka Pito vs fighter with a force of 100 million, which was not something for piton.Ai disappeared and came back out pithos and then was hit atij.Pito lift from the ground and hit him with a punch in the stomach and left without ndjenja.Te was surprised by all this power come staggering and turn Vegotes pabesueshme.Kishte vs. Bue.Filloj match was a bit arrogant since vegota not wait and killed without menduar.Deri now opponents of pithos vegotes were poor and what are we waiting for vinin.Te rounds to proceed to the next round vs. DoDo Pia.DoDo Pius was an alien to achieving the fat girls blow that he had drowned in his stomach while Pius Pia had the art of copying teknikave.Kjo match ended with Pius killing Pia after he was not as powerful as the bully beat DoDo was neat because it was Vegota vs. other term ai.Ndeshja Mosarodi.Pasi match seemed to continue their powers how to draw vegota were being transformed into Super Kaiodo level 2 and is punched and beat mosarodin without mbarim.Kur vegota beam was finally ready to allot mosarodi laughed and we vegoten nipple body tij.Ndersa vegota he attempted to escape the more they suck brebda this thing he had to do that but the levee was using Laxhi fa (Wash Fa) and it was just the single beam that would defeat the Mosarodit Mosarodin.Trupi broke oxide sinters and only part of his dora.Dora of mosarodit begin to move and grabbed the vegotes gorge on them over time ate.Me murdered by hand mosarodit body came to a close vdekjes.Cfrae time rekord.Vegota hell was going on as possible. Are found in Part 2 of Death *** *** Up. Episodes 16Edit

           Until death ***

Meanwhile Vegota pito was dying and we worry that nderyhu menjehre to escape but pito menjehre you lock body and not moving dot.Sidukej this track had a incredible force that did not allow an opponent to do the fighting was nderyhnte we ndeshje.Vegota near death and he menjehre greater power leshohi first ever Super Kaiodo level 3.Organize were all surprised even himself pito was surprised and had not seen the vegotes forme.Fuqia asnjehre it had reached its peak after being released and placed her hand we mosarodit.Vegota body hit and destroy a beam from the face of the mysterious power dheut.Cfare vegota won this thing so Saqe beat a strong opponent with a blow against Pito vetme.Ndeshja was another brother Dagalatusi 3 Lagatuses.Filloj match and immediately transformed pito Super Kaiodo 2.Dhe the level reached a staggering opponent and beat him with a single blow came grusht.Tashme doubles match and were chosen and Pito vs Vegota Ormo Bartoli and start Mesoki.Ndeshje pito was transformuahr in SK 2 and SK Vegota 3.Ormo Bartoli very strong concrete issued in the form of stone to be collided with Earth to cause a major earthquake to defeat kundershtaret.Nderkohe mesoki was ready for You cut his head with two opponents a blow finale.PPasi this action became pito vegota and disappeared without leaving behind gjurme.Dhe appeared hit their opponents with punches and threw pertoke.Por they were raised again and made art Fusion-secret Chikorama.Nga this art they came together and formed a strong fighter and pito Barsoki.Vegota had seen this map before but they were not as united as it had already njejte.Barsoki power of the sword had strong concrete stronger than metal and also speeds the size and vegota.Shafaqja pito pito start vegota dge were dumped on the ground with the first and Hishi goitjen without ndjenja.Por pito unveiled the fighter spirit and mind being left in transfomuar Super Kaiodo level reached so quickly 3.Si said the plagosur.Pito vegota vegotes approached and picked it up to make art that was made fighter Barsoki.Pasi joined their level of power was improved and was pretty much done powerful than before and even greater than the power level Barsokit.Ndeshja start Barsoki not surrender easily but still united by Pigott fighter Pito Vegota and was in and out of this thing advantages Barsoki was in wrestling. For more follow until death *** *** part 3.

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