Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! (ファイト一発!充電ちゃん!! Faito ippatsu! Jūden-chan!!?, lit. Fight, One Shot! Charger Girls!) is a manga series by Bow Ditama, which is also adopted into a television anime series of the same name that began airing on the liberal AT-X network in Japan from June 25, 2009. It features anthropomorphized characters representing aspects of charging electrical equipment. This series contains some explicit fanservice, which is broadcasted uncensored. The series is also released on Crunchyroll, under the title of Charger Girl, Ju-den Chan, although it is censored.[1]


From a planet called "Life Core", which exists parallel to the normal human world, females known as "Jūden-chan" (charger girls) are patrolling the human world in search for individuals who feel depressed and unlucky. Their job is to charge these people up with the help of electricity in order to improve their mental states. Whilst normally unseen by human eyes, one of these Jūden-chan, Plug Cryostat, accidentally meets a young man who is able to see her, because she was targeting his father (his sister in the anime). This series revolves around the various antics between the main characters and the quest for this Jūden-chan to improve herself.


Plug Cryostat (ぷらぐ・クライオスタット Puragu Kuraiosutatto?)
Voiced by: Kaori Fukuhara

The female protagonist. She is a "Jūden-chan": someone from a world that is parallel to our own, capable of recharging people who are depressed or unlucky. She is however not very good at it and is a bit of an airhead. Because she has the ability to use phasing, she normally can't be seen by regular humans. This is done so she can do her job without causing distraction. She loves to watch a rather ecchi anime series called "Millie-chan". Whilst other Juden-chan focus on charging people and getting paid, Plug focuses on discovering the root of their problems and timing her charges so that they won't become depressed again.It is revealed that the boss is starting to like Plug because she has something the other Juuden chans do not have although we do not know what that property is.

Arrester Blanket (アレスタ・ブランケット Aresuta Buranketto?)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki

Plug's fellow Jūden-chan and rival, who becomes her supervisor. She is rather serious when it comes to work and is rather annoyed with how Plug is carrying out her job. In turn, Plug finds Arrester irritating for interfering with her work and the two girls tend to fight a lot. She sometimes ends up crying, which Plug uses as blackmail material. Compared to Plug, Arrester is rather well endowed, which causes Plug to tease her about that. She has feelings for Sento from the moment she saw him, but he is rather oblivious to this. Following their first meeting, Arrester seems to have garnered a fetish for being hit by a baseball bat.After Plug is injured while charging a class Z boy she becomes closer friends with Plug.

Sento Oumi (近江閃登 Ōmi Sento?)
Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi

A young man who is the only human capable of seeing both Plug and Arrester. He works at a family restaurant and has a rather short temper, which results in frequently hitting Plug (and at times Arrester as well) with a baseball bat or whatever is within reach; this has become a running gag in the series. He occasionally helps Plug and Arrester with their work, teaching Plug that the best way to find an opportunity to charge is to make one yourself. He lives with his younger sister.

Rona Elmo
Voiced by: Aya Hirano

A Hōden-chan (discharger girl) that saps away positive energy from people. She hates being alone, and since no one in the human world can see her, she treats everyone like toys. Despite her small appearance, she is very powerful, being able to defeat Rōden-chan at the snap of her finger.


Charger girls. Their job is to monitor depression levels in people. They are generally unseen by normal people, and can adjust their stealth levels to avoid being touched as well. People they monitor are ranked A - F depending on how depressed they are, F being the lowest and A being the highest, possibly leading to suicide. When a C rank or higher target is found, a Jūden-chan pulls out a giant plug from a nearby electrical source, and charge them with electricity to make them more energetic. How they go about their energetic way depends on what they are thinking of when they are charged.
Leakage girls. Their job is to investigate cases in which electricity is stolen and illegally sold on the black market. They have more advanced equipment than the Jūden-chan, including several gadgets used for apprehending suspects.
Discharger girls. These girls do the exact opposite of Jūden-chan, and are able to steal a person's energy and increase their depression levels greatly in an instant. They can use the energy they steal for profit.



The manga began serialization in Comic Gum magazine from June 24, 2006. Six tankōbon volumes have been released so far.


The anime series, produced by Studio Hibari, aired on AT-X between June 25, 2009 and September 10, 2009. A slightly censored version, entitled Charger Girl: Ju-den chan, was streamed on Crunchyroll. The opening theme is "CHARGE!" by Kaori Fukuhara and Ayahi Takagaki whilst the ending theme is "Please, Sweet Heart" (お願いSweet heart Onegai Sweet Heart?) by Fukuhara.

Episode List

# Episode title Original air date[2]
01 Plug in!
"Puragu in!" (ぷらぐ・いん!)
June 25, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Whilst looking for some targets to charge, a charger girl named Plug encounters Sento, who can actually see her and hit her. Plug notices his sister, Hakone, is showing a lot of depression, but Sento refuses to let her stick a giant plug in his little sister's back. Plug discovers that the cause of Hakone's depression is that her brother never lets her do anything to help him, but Sento refuses to listen to her. Hakone considers jumping off of a building, but thanks to the joint efforts of Plug and Sento, she is saved and charged, and is confident enough to convey her feelings to Sento.
02 Timing!
"Taimingu!" (たいみんぐ!)
July 2, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Whilst trying to charge up some targets, Plug finds herself beaten to the punch by her colleague, Arrester. They then start to notice a lot of repeaters, people who have already been charged but have become depressed again. Plug goes to Sento for some advice, who says that simply charging them won't fix the cause of their problems. Worried about a person taking his exams, Plug follows him to find the cause, knowing just charging him would continue the cycle, or get him to do something regrettable. Arrester shows up to charge him, but Plug holds her back until the right moment to charge him, so he becomes energetic on the right path. On her way home, Arrester crosses paths with Sento and is hit by his bat.
03 Lock-On!
"Rokku On!" (ろっく・おん!)
July 9, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Arrester gets put in charge of taking care of Plug, something she greatly objects to. Whilst finding Plug at Sento's house, she is hit by Sento once again, and soon becomes aware of his ability to see and touch her. Wondering why Plug hasn't reported such a matter to the office, Arrester is then insulted when Sento implies her job is something 'an idiot can do'. Arrester challenges Sento to a match where they are to lock-on to the most C targets, with Arrester reporting Sento to the office should she win. Sento relies on his senses as opposed to the gadgets the charger girls use and wins the bet. As such, Arrester keeps her word, but can't shake the somewhat arousing feeling Sento's bat gives her.
04 Iono Crisis!
"Iono, kuraishisu!" (依緒乃、クライシス)
July 16, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sento and Hakone's childhood friend, Iono, has a crush on Sento, but can't find the right moment to confess. Iono gets a present to give to him, but one night her daydreaming causes her to forget locking up the student council room, causing the school's budget, along with her present, to be stolen when the school is broken into. When she turns to Sento for comfort, he tells her that she is like a little sister to her, which breaks her heart. Realising Sento is too oblivious to realise what he did wrong, Plug attempts to find the person who vandalised the school. Noticing this, Sento offers to help her search. Arrester, trying to ignore such daft heroism, ends up accidentally charging the culprit, who turns himself in and returns the stolen goods. As Iono is about to give up on Sento, Plug fakes a text from Hakone about how Sento tried to help, in order to provide an opportunity to charge her. Iono makes her confession, and whilst Sento is still too thick to get it, he accepts the present and puts it on his guitar case.
05 Happening!
"Hapuningu!" (はぷにんぐ!)
July 23, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sento, his boss, Hakone and Iono go to the beach, whilst Plug and Arrester, also on their day off, decide to go too. Whilst enjoying the sun, Plug notices a writer on a slump behaving strangely, despite being ranked E. Despite Arrester's suggestion not to bother during break time, Plug investigates, and when the writer passes by a strange girl in a hat, she gets angry at her parents and her warning rank rises to a C. She soon ends up on a raft out at sea, increasing in rank, but Plug isn't able to find any power sources out at sea. She calls Arrester for help, and when Sento hears about it, he takes his boss's car and drives it off the edge, so that the power can reach the writer, who becomes energetic and starts writing again. Arrester notices that despite the number of people charged Plug has is low, there are no repeaters among her.
06 Counter-Current!
"Gyakuryū" (逆流)
July 30, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A young boy named Kenta has become so depressed, that the counter-current from those that try to charge him causes a severe electric shock. He is given a Z rank and is deemed out of bounds for charging, but Plug can't help but feel like she should do something. Arrester is given a stronger suit, but it is only to be used for gathering data. Still determined, Plug blackmails her in order to get the suit off of her. Arrester notices the suit is actually defective, but is unable to stop Plug. Realising Kenta's problem, Plug starts charging and immediately feels the counter-current. Despite the excruciating pain, Plug bears it until Kenta is completely charged. Thankfully a medical team arrives on the scene in time and despite her injuries, she is relieved to hear that Kenta is doing fine.
07 Maid in Arrester
"Meido in Aresuta!" (めいど・いん・アレスタ!)
August 6, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Arrester is scolded by head supervisor Pulse for allowing Plug to get injured. Plug herself is fine, but her arms are severely damaged, so Arrester has to look after her area while she recovers. In order to get Plug to delete embarrassing footage of her crying, Arrester agrees to be her maid, wearing an outfit made of anti-stealth materials, allowing her to be seen in the real world. First, Plug asks her to buy some manga for her, but Arrester finds herself at the front of a line of otakus taken photos of her underwear. She then gets asked ridiculous food requests, and reserving expensive tickets, before being asked to wash her down. While fetching some water, Arrester is observed by some mysterious forces. Plug is later visited by her colleagues from her division, and Arrester notices the similarities they share with Plug. However, she flips when she learns people have already seen her embarrassing footage.
08 Craziness and Kindness
"Mucha to Yasashisa" (無茶と優しさ)
August 13, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Plug gets scolded for trying to get back to work before her arms had fully healed, but her chief allows her to lock onto targets whilst Arrester charges them. She gets a bit depressed when Sento isn't at home, but he soon arrives and notices her injuries, deciding to give her a massage to help. Just then, Sento notices a boy that looks down and convinces Plug to charge him herself. They successfully charge him, but accidentally rip the backside of Plug's suit off. Meanwhile, Chief Pulse seems to have been made aware of Plug and Arrester's connection to Sento.
09 Audit Division, Special Cases Section - Leakage Girls
"Kansa-shitsu Tokumu-bu Rōden-chan!" (監査室特務部・漏電ちゃん!)
August 20, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Plug and Arrester get called to Chief Pulse's office where they are introduced to the Rōden-chan (leakage girls), Reka Galvini and Kuran Shunt, who monitor electrical leakage, and monitor those who are accused of smuggling electricity. The Rōden-chan also reveal they are aware of Sento and accompany Plug and Arrester on their next run. Plug and Arrester lose them, but they capture Plug and discover Arrester talking to Sento. They manage to get away but are told to come to a location when they reveal they have Plug. Arrester and Sento manage to subdue Kuran, and Plug breaks free from her captivity. After hearing Sento praising her in front of Reka, she helps to subdue her as well. However, it turns out to be a misunderstanding, and a harmless test proves them innocent.
10 Present!?
"Purezento!?" (ぷれぜんと!?)
August 27, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As everyone gets ready for Christmas, the Jūden-chan have their work cut out for them. Reka and Kuran visit Sento and warn him about Hōden-chan (discharger girls), who steal people's positive energy. As Plug wonders about if she should get Sento a present, Arrester already has one in mind. One of the Hōden-chan, Rona Elmo, targets two people who pick a flower she liked. After apprehending an electricity thief, Reka and Kuran eventually find Rona, but are badly defeated. Sento discovers them and is left unconscious. Incidentally, the entertainment news reporter on TV who identified herself as "Hirano", is the voice actress for Rona as well.
11 Watch out! Discharger Girl!
"Yō-keikai! Hōden-chan!" (要警戒! 放電ちゃん!)
September 3, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hakone notices something weird about Sento. Meanwhile, Rona, who is annoyed that there aren't any other people who can see her, goes on a discharging spree, alerting the Jūden-chan. The whole department is sent to help the affected, but they find they have to charge each target ten times to get them to drop. Plug's methods, however, are still effective, so the others decide to take her approach to charging with great success. Plug decides to visit Sento and is shocked to find he has a B rank and is no longer able to see or touch her. Before Plug can charge him, she is spotted by Rona, who breaks her equipment and reveals she discharged Sento by accident. She saw humans as toys, but felt lonely since noone could see her in this world. She is soon chased off by the Rōden-chan. Arrester arrives and is devastated by Sento's condition. Plug leaves him in her care whilst she resumes her duty.
12 Fight! One Shot!
"Faito! Ippatsu!" (ふぁいと! いっぱつ!)
September 10, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Arrester tries her best to recharge Sento, but to no avail. Plug meanwhile is shocked to find Kenta has returned to a B rank. Hakone and Iono arrive and manage to get Sento out of their funk on their own. Plug tries to charge Kenta, but despite the excruciating pain, she does not succeed, and he starts to walk into the river. Arrester uses a spark trail to lead Sento to where Plug is, and he manages to save Kenta. He tells him about the Jūden-chan, lifting his spirits. Plug's unit arrives, and combines their plugs to form a giant plug to charge Kenta. Sento absorbs some of the excess electricity and regains his ability to see Jūden-chan, letting Plug and Arrester completely charge Kenta. Rona tries to attack them, but has some sense knocked into her by Sento. Everyone then spends Christmas Day together.

Bonus Episodes

Extra short episodes are featured in the DVD releases of the series, featuring more explicit content than the broadcast show.

# Episode title Original air date[2]
Bonus 1 Charging in an Open Bath
"" ()
December 18, 2009 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Whilst the Jūden-chan relax at an onsen, Plug gets annoyed at people comparing her breasts to Arrester's, causing her to turn crazy and start molesting everyone.
Bonus 2 Sweetie Arrester Appears
"" ()
February 25, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In a cosplay show for the male customers, Arrester dresses up as Milly and ends up getting attacked by an octopus controlled by Plug. However, the controls soon short out, and the octopus attacks her and the other cosplayers as well.
Bonus 3 Stay up Late in the Night at the Hot Springs Part I
"" ()
After being charged by a new refresher, Iono and Hakone start coming onto Sento, so Rona uses her powers to remove the effect.
Bonus 4 Stay up Late in the Night at the Hot Springs Part II
"" ()
Plug, Arrester and Rona catch Reika and Kuran eloping in the springs. However, it turns out to be a holographic projection and the three peepers are punished by the real Roden-chan.
Bonus 5 Jūden Fight!
"" ()
Plug and Arrester duke it out in a nude fight. However, Arrester gets the upper hand when she exploits Plug's weakness, her antennaes, and temporarily becomes a sadist.
Bonus 6 Party of the Night
"" ()
As the Juden-chan celebrate their final night at the hot springs, someone adds an anti-stealth potion that lets them be seen by normal humans.

Other Appearances

Plug makes a cameo appearance in episode 5 of the TV adaptation of Kiss×sis, another manga series by Bow Ditama.

Video Game

A visual novel developed by Russell entitled Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! CC (ファイト一発!充電ちゃん!! CC?) was released for the PlayStation Portable on May 27, 2010.

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