Ever Glory Publishing (長鴻出版社股份有限公司 lit. "Ever Glory Publishing Co., Ltd"?) is a Taiwanese publisher of manga. It was founded in June 1991. In October 1992, the company obtained the Chinese license for Akita Shoten's Weekly Shōnen Champion. However, the magazine stopped publication in 1998.


Although Ever Glory publishes many famous manga, it has been criticised for its packaging, paper quality and printing as well as poor gluing compared to other manga publication, especially when compared with the original Japanese version. Pages will fall off and pages were not cut completely.

There were two major changes to the way Ever Glory categorised it's magazines. The first change implemented categorising the magazines into 25 categories instead of only separating them into two genre, Shonen and Shojo. The genre description with a number was used as an indication. This has been criticised by fans as being too complicated. The second change was using the rainbow spectrum to categorise the magazines into 7 categories.

It has also been criticised for being slow to translate manga up to 2 years after the original manga has been released. (Normally, publishers will translate manga within 6 months of the original manga being published)


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