est em[nb 1], えすとえむ (Esu to emu, S and M?) is the pen name of Maki Satoh,[2] a manga-ka who debuted with three yaoi collections after being scouted in art school. She was a student of Matt Thorn, who provided translations for some of the English licenses of her work.[3] Her work has been praised as having unusual maturity and depth, both for yaoi and for manga in general. She is currently working on non-yaoi manga.[3]

Two of her first manga have been released in English by Aurora Publishing, which is a direct subsidiary of the Japanese publishing company Ohzora Shuppan,[4] the original publishers of one of the works in question. A third has been licensed by Net Comics.


est em's works tend to have a strong common theme connecting the stories in each of her collections. Seduce Me After the Show centers on the artistic worlds of dance, art and music, while Red Blinds the Foolish contains five short stories that are either set in Spain or have Spanish characters.

Another common trait is that her stories tend to depict sets of strong dichotomies between contrasting themes, ideals, cultures, artistic styles, and personalities that are all embedded in the intense and passionate relationships between her characters and in her artwork, which is distinctive as it makes use of simple lines and negative space.


  • Seduce Me After the Show (ショーが跳ねたら逢いましょう, Show ga Hanetara Aimashou?), 2006, published by Tokyou Mangasha
Licensed in English as Seduce Me After the Show by Deux Press
  • Age Called Blue (エイジ・コールド・ブルー, Eiji Koorudo Buruu?), 2008, published by Tokyou Mangasha
Licensed in English as Age Called Blue by Net Comics
  • Red Blinds the Foolish (愚か者は赤を嫌う, Oroka-mono wa Aka o Kirau?), 2008, published by Ohzora Shuppan
Licensed in English as Red Blinds the Foolish by Deux Press
  • Kinein! (キネイン!?), 2008, published by Tokyo Mangasha


  1. The author's preferred romanization of her penname is not capitalized.[1]


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