Ero kawaii (エロ可愛い?, literally "erotic cute"), or "erokawa", is a Japanese subculture that draws on Western notions of sexiness, in contrast to the popular cuteness (kawaii) trend. The term, coined in 2005, is a fusion of ero (shortened from the English word 'erotic', which has negative connotations in Japanese culture) and the lighter 'kawaii', meaning something like 'cute'.[1][2]


Ero kawaii started with singer Kumi Koda using the term to describe her own style.[1] Recently, fashion magazines have taken to using the term "erokawa" in captions.[citation needed] There have been accusations of poor taste directed at such fashions as onēkei which are very conscious of erokawa.[citation needed] There are also similar terms "ero kakkoii" (エロかっこいい lit. erotic cool?), "ero kakko kawaii" (エロかっこ可愛い erotic cool-cute?), and "ero kakko warui" (エロかっこ悪い erotic uncool?).

Ero kawaii also refers to that subculture's fashion, which makes use of camisoles, especially in a combination of pink and black.[citation needed]


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