Epitaph, is a Japanese Manga serie written and illustrated by Shouoto Aya.


Astarte and Towa are two young girls known as "Undertakers" or people who deliver the final messages of the departed to their loved ones.

Towa and Astarte are partners in the story, and they look out for one another. With the appearance of Escada, a self-proclaimed daughter of nobility, and her partner Shiki, Towa begins to have second thoughts about her relationship with Astarte. Escada publicly announces that she loves Shiki, which makes Towa think about exactly how much she loves Astarte. It is then revealed that Towa has no memories of her past, which baffles Escada who wonders how Towa can smile constantly without memories. When Towa witnesses Shiki kiss Escada, she realizes her own feelings for Astarte and becomes jealous at the thought of Astarte kissing anyone else.

Main Characters


Towa is Astarte's clumsy and high-spirited work partner. She works as an Undertaker, but also takes courses at a school (though she is terrible at it and often fails her grades). She looks up to and respects Astarte, and always tries to be useful to her.

Later in the series, it is revealed that Towa has amnesia and does not remember her home, her parents, or her previous life at all. She lived in a hospital, and although the doctors said she was cured, she still has no memory of her past. One day, Astarte suddenly appeared before her and said, "Come with me", which led to Towa's employment to the Cradle Last Trust.

Even though she denies it at first, Towa cares deeply for Astarte and becomes jealous when other girls, namely Linna, are friendly with her. Eventually, she realizes that she is in love with her


Nicknamed Asche, she is responsible and has, as Towa describes, an "adult face". Astarte is strong enough to fight grown men, and always carries a small pistol with her for defense. She is often clad in dark clothes and is portrayed as a very mysterious girl. Little is known about her past, though throughout the chapters it is hinted she has relations to nobility. Despite her indifference, she does care for Towa a great deal, as she is seen countlessly to protect and aid Towa whenever she can. Astarte was the one who brought Towa to the Cradle Last Trust.

Apparently she is searching for someone called "Thorn Witch". There are heavy hints that Astarte was somehow involved with Towa's past, though her involvement with Towa can be interpreted as either good or bad, as it hasn't been revealed yet.

Side Characters

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