Ema Tōyama (遠山えま Tōyama Ema?) is a mangaka born on May 23, 1981 in Tokyo, Japan. She made her debut in September 2003 in the monthly manga magazine Nakayoshi with her story, Tenshi no Tamago ("Angel's Egg", no relation to the anime movie of the same name). Gokkun! Pūcho is considered her best representative work. Tokyopop has licenced it under the title Pixie Pop. All of her works are published by Kodansha, and they are enjoyed mainly by preteen and teen girls. None of her series have yet became anime.


Tenshi no Tamago
Gokkun! Pucho
Koko ni Iru yo!
Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
1 Love 9

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Works: Gokkun Pucho, Mamacolle, Koko ni iru yo, 1 Love 9, Hyakuen, Watashi ni xx shinasai

id:Ema Tōyama ko:도야마 에마

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