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The Eldran series (エルドランシリーズ Erudoran shirīzu?) is a toy and animation franchise begun by toy company Tomy in Japan. Tomy struck a cooperative deal with the animation studio Sunrise (known for its mecha series, most notably Gundam) to develop the new franchise and set of toy lines.

Series overview

Kanzen Shouri Daiteioh television series plan is frustrated, only the pilot film and manga's pilot episode exist. however, this series appears in Super Robot Wars NEO.

Show summaries and context

The robot is suddenly entrusted to primary schoolchildren by patron saint "Eldran". they control the robot by cooperating, and confront the invader who attempts the earth invasion. The idea which a school (or whole of a town) transforms into a robot and their base attracted kid's interest.zh:Eldran系列

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