Eikou no Napoleon - Eroica (栄光のナポレオン - エロイカ?, English: "The Glory of Napoleon - Heroic") is a manga by Riyoko Ikeda that is a sequel to The Rose of Versailles.

It tells the story of Napoleon's empire, including the Thermidorian Reaction, the Italian Campaign, the Egyptian Campaign, the Battle of the Nile, the coup of 18 Brumaire, and the French invasion of Russia.

It also includes some characters from the manga The Rose of Versailles like Alain de Soissons, Bernard Châtelet and Rosalie Lamorlière.


Ikeda wrote his story as Ten no Hate Made in 1990. The later part of the story is written almost same as a part of Eroica but from aspect of Poniatowski.
  • Alain de Soissons
A fictional character of The Rose of Versailles, Alain de Soissons was the sergeant of the Company B, the troops assigned to Lady Oscar's service in the National Guard. He accepted Oscar at first, and even befriended André and smuggled him in the troops, but after learning the truth about her he violently rejected her leadership. Oscar had to fight him to win Alain and the group's respect back, since they refused to be ordered around by a noble. After losing to Oscar and begging her to save the life of a companion who was about to be executed, which she did, Alain forgave Oscar and became fiercely devoted to her, even falling in love with her in the manga; still, he knew he couldn't fight against her feelings for André. Ultimately, Alain survives the French Revolution and the Terror, leading a quiet life in the country. He also appears in Eroica.
  • Bernard Chatelet
A fictional character who appeared in Rose of Versailles.
Since The Rose of Versailles, Rosalie has gotten married to Bernard Chatelet and had a son, Francois Chatelet.
  • François Chatelet
François is the only son of Bernard and Rosalie Chatelet.
  • Catherine Renaudin
Catherine is the love interest of Alain, but she is deeply royalist.
Although Oscar had died during The Rose of Versailles, she is seen in flashback.

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