The autumn moon at Ishiyama
Artist Hiroshige

The Eight Views of Omi (in Japanese: 近江八景 or Omi Hakkei) are the most scenic views of Omi Province, the present-day Shiga Prefecture, Japan. They were inspired by the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang in China. There are their ukiyo-e pictures drawn by Hiroshige.

They are sometimes erroneously called "The Eight Views of Lake Biwa", but the latter were defined to include different locations in 1949 by the Shiga Prefecture government.

The Eight Views

  • The autumn moon at Ishiyama (石山の秋月) - Ishiyama Temple
  • The evening glow at Seta (勢多(瀬田)の夕照) - The Chinese Bridge at Seta
  • The distant view of Awazu (粟津の晴嵐) - Awazuhara
  • The returning sailing ship at Yabase (矢橋の帰帆) - Yabase
  • The evening gong at Mii (三井晩鐘) - Mii-dera
  • The evening rain at Karasaki (唐崎の夜雨) - Karasaki Shrine
  • The wild geese returning home at Katata (堅田の落雁) - Ukimido
  • The spring snow at Hira (比良の暮雪) - Hira Mountains

Ukiyoe pictures by Hiroshige

Hiroshige drew the following ukiyo-e pictures:

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