Editorial Ivréa is an Argentine manga and comics publisher that publishes in Argentina, Spain and Finland. They also published Lazer, a magazine which was specialized in anime, comics, manga, series and other media.[1] The magazine has an acid humor and has also organized parties in Argentina. On June 15, 2008 they started Lazer Royale, in which they made Concourse for cosplayers, and Tokyo Weekend on July 27, 2008. Famous singers Nobuo Yamada and Ricardo Cruz, also appeared during the event.[2][3] During August 2009, Ivréa announced the end of Lazers publication to due to copyright issues with Shueisha and Shogakukan regarding the use of images in the magazine.[4]

Editorial Ivréa was founded in 1997 in Argentina, and since them, they have released several comics. Initially, they published manga volumes of 200 pages and others of 100 pages, which are half of the tankōbon format. Later, they started releasing manwhua and Argentinian comics, including EL NEGRO BLANCO.[5] The Spanish publisher specializes in comics focused in different ages and has also released South American and European books, as well as artbooks from manga series.[6]


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