Dynamic Heroes (ダイナミックヒーローズ dainamikku hi^ro^zu?), also known as Nagai Go Manga Gaiden - Dynamic Heroes (永井豪まんが外伝 ダイナミックヒーローズ nagai gou manga gaiden dainamikku hi^ro^zu?) and as Go Nagai manga heroes crossover collection - Dynamic Heroes, is a Japanese manga based in several works of Go Nagai, including most of his most famous robots, such as Mazinger Z, Getter Robot, Great Mazinger and UFO Robot Grendizer, and also several characters from other series such as Cutie Honey and Devilman. The artist of the manga is Kazuhiro Ochi and the design of the characters is based mostly in their anime incarnations.

It was originally published in monthly manga magazine e-manga from Kodansha, from June 2004[1] to July 2007[2]. It has been later compiled in tankōbon, though the Japanese tankōbon have yet to be finished and fully print the series. It was also published in its entirety by d/visual in ItalyCite error: Invalid <ref> tag. Tag has more than one name associated with reference. and in Hong Kong and Taiwan by d/visual taipei, both versions covering all the original chapters, thus surpassing the Japanese tankōbon. A French edition has also been planned and printed by d/visual and was ready to be launched at the Japan Expo 2008 in Paris[3], but due to an unknown situation, as of December 2008, the series has not been released for sale yet, even though two of the four volumes were already printed and have a ISBN.[4][5]


  • Koji Kabuto
  • Maria Fleed
  • Duke Fleed
  • Hikaru Makiba
  • Akira Fudo
  • Cutie Honey
  • Jun Hono
  • Tetsuya Tsurugi


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