For a live action TV series of the same name, see Dragon Zakura (TV series).

Dragon Zakura (ドラゴン桜 Doragon Zakura?) is a Japanese manga by Norifusa Mita, which won the 2005 Kodansha Manga Award for general manga and an Excellence Prize at the 2005 Japan Media Arts Festival.[1] It was adapted into live action television series of the same name broadcast on TBS in 2005.


Kenji Sakuragi is a poor lawyer and ex-motorcycle gang member looking for an opportunity to boost his career. His chance finally comes with the nearly bankrupt and notorious Ryuuzan High School, universally referred to as "baka gakkou" (stupid school). There, he sets up a special class that aims to prepare five students to pass the entrance exam of Tokyo University.

See also

  • Master of Study, a 2010 South Korean drama series based on Dragon Zakura.


  1. Joel Hahn. "Kodansha Manga Awards". Comic Book Awards Almanac. Retrieved 2007-08-21. 

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