Don't Leave Me Alone, Daisy is a 1986 manga series that was adapted into an anime series from Studio DEEN in 1997. It was licensed for release in the US by Bandai and released in 2000 as a two-disc set with only subtitles. The series is currently unlicensed and out-of-print.


It is about a boy named Techno who lived in a bomb shelter most of his life. He and his grandfather are amazingly smart. But one day Techno sees a girl named Hitomi on his yard. He instantly falls in love. He names her Daisy, even though she keeps telling him that's not her name. After 3 months of practice on a robot he decides to get a relationship started with her. But all he can do is stare. Then he decides to get full ownership of her, but she still doesn't really belong to Techno. Along their way on this crazy relationship, Techno's genius almost kills Hitomi multiple times. That includes making her 50 feet tall, making a replacement teacher that shoots laser beams, creating a giant slug, kidnapping her, and much more. More crazy things include a teacher that wears weird costumes, a harmless boy rebel that is wanted dead by Techno, his mom, and brother, Techno's over protective grandfather, Hitomi's friends, an android that wants Techno dead and to protect Hitomi, the 2 missiles that Techno befriended, and the rest of the class.


Animerica gave the series 1 star out of 5, summarizing its view as, "Stalking is funny?"[1] THEM Anime Reviews went further in describing its 1 star rating: "Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy is one of the creepiest and most unsettling series we've ever seen."[2] Mark Johnson of EX commented on the behavior of the male lead, "the disturbing callousness of Techno and his stalking tendencies rubbed me the wrong way."[3] Anime News Network said the series was "breathtakingly average."[4]


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