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Doctor Shameless (失格医師 Shikkaku Ishi?) is an hentai anime short series of two episodes about Dr. Shinji. A hospital is in the brink of bankruptcy, Dr. Shinji is hired as he tries to bring in more patients for the hospital. He is well known for having turned around the luck of several other hospitals. Dr. Shinji is not your ordinary doctor, however, as he uses shameless and humiliating methods to cure his patients. These methods include having sex with the patient and watching the patient undress and masturbate in front of him. Hence the name, Doctor Shameless. Most of his patients are young females aside from one mature woman whom in the future he may have a deeper relationship with.

Another main character in the series is a nurse who also happened to be a "nurse" at a sex club, as a prostitute. She pretends to be a nurse so she could make more money while still enjoying her job. In the series, she can be seen helping the male patients get well by varying means of sexual favors/intercourse with them. This also helps the hospital's reputation. It is inevitable that Doctor Shameless and the nurse will also have sex.


Dr. Ishida

A doctor with an unorthodox method of treatment, involving sex and embarrassment which keeps his patients coming back for more and more.


Owner of the hospital.

Honoka/Nagatsuka's daughter

Daughter of the hospital's owner, also doubling as a nurse. She has developed an obsession for Dr. Ishida which he is unaware of.

Ms. Shirakawa/Prostitute nurse

A nurse who used to work at a sex club has come to join the hospital, perhaps for the same reason Dr. Ishida has, to increase revenue.

Ms. Higashijuuju

A spoiled little girl. Her parents are very wealthy but due to their constant business affairs spend little to no time with their daughter. With that, she has taken to the hospital in an attempt to get their attention, attracting instead, Dr. Ishida's.

Tomomi Kinoshita

A little girl who invented her own line of toys. She meets Dr. Ishida after falling down a hill. Her mother was worried and brought her to the hospital. The doctor treats her for her ankle injuries and then turns his attention to her mother, lusting after an older woman.

Mrs. Kinoshita

Mother to Tomomi, she is stressed at home over her husbands lack of work and relieved by Dr. Ishida's treatments. In the end, she gets rid of her husband and requests Dr. Ishida to be their "provider".

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