Divine Sealing is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive video game developed by the development team Studio Fazzy. The game was a vertical scrolling shooter with a sci-fi/fantasy hentai theme: players destroyed enemies and end level bosses in shoot 'em up fashion and would then be treated to scenes where the damsels in distress would be completely stripped of their clothing.


The gameplay was very slim for a shoot em’ up: The player was not able to have a bomb weapon or pick-up items. Only one straight firing normal shot was possible in a total of five stages. However, the player’s shot was upgraded with every 10,000 points as well as being awarded with extends (extra lives) at the same score. Once the player passed the level and defeated the level boss, a scene involving one of four beautiful anime women would ensue, resulting in the loss of 90% of the woman’s clothes. [1]

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(2006-04-09) Japanese website containing game play details and story information. Retrieved 2010-03-11.

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