Discipline: Record of a Crusade is a pornographic interactive fiction computer game made by the japanese video game development company ActiveSoft. It was later adapted into a six part direct to video animation series. A prequel series to the anime has been released in 2010, with its first episode available for sale on January 29. Rice, Brad. Discipline is the first hentai title released on Blu-ray.[1]

Active-soft was briefly re-branded as "Actively" in Japan before ceasing operations. During this time Actively released "Discipline Excellent" (featuring new endings to the original game) and "Discipline LS", a short prequel to Discipline. Neither of which Discipline's original creator Sei was involved with.


The story revolves around Takurō Hayami, a transfer student to a mostly female populated boarding school St. Arcadia. Due to the school's very recent admission policy that allows male students, most female students initiate a sexual intercourse with Takurō. Takurō appears like a regular student, but, during the sex orgies, the girls realize (including the unwitting Takurō) that he has a special capability - an "Ultimate Sex Power" that becomes the focus of St. Arcadia's sexual power struggle.


  • Takurō Hayami

Takurō transferred to St. Arcadia Academy to get a good education. What he gets is an education in sexual politics. Almost all of his roommates are after him and once his secret gets out, the rest of the women on campus won't stop until they get a piece of him. He has feelings towards Saori. Clues to his "ultimate sex power" are his stamina, his penis continuing to grow inside a woman, and most bizarrely, the ability to ejaculate copious amounts of semen. However he doesn't appear to be very strong physically as he is often over powered by female students and teachers who rape him. Although, due to him liking his situation in the first episode, it could be hinted that he could be enjoying it.

  • Saori Otokawa:

Takurō's classmate, she is the first person he meets when arriving at his new home. In the original game she is just an ordinary student living in the same dormitory as Takuro (though she performs all of the household chores willingly). The anime series makes her the caretaker of the facility as well. Another change between game and anime series is the afterschool club she's a member of. In the game she is in a Biblical Studies group, whereas in the anime series she is a member of the Paranormal Research Club. She is a kind person by nature, but has a strong will when required. She also has feelings towards Takuro, but has a hard time expressing them. Unlike most of the women that Takuro has met, she is not out to exploit him. Her closeness to Takuro makes her a target in Leona Morimoto's schemes.

  • Leona Morimoto:

The Head of the Social Club who is highly respected and feared. With the fact that most students are in debt to the Morimoto Financial Group and her sister is the headmistress, she practically controls the school and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. When Takurō arrives at St. Arcadia, she goes to great lengths to make him a member of the Social Club and to make him her personal sex slave. She has also been shown to not be very intelligent since she apparently wrote the combination to a safe on the back of the same safe. In the third episode, she is kidnapped and raped by a group of male facility members lead by the vice-principal.

Concerning the English translation of her name, her original creator and designer Sei Shoujyō specifically spelled her name as Reona to mirror her older sister's name Reina.

However, due to the fact that the Japanese language does not have separate sounds for L and R it was thought to be a case of Engrish and therefore translated as Leona in the English versions of the anime and game. John Sirabella, CEO of Media Blasters/Kitty Media whose company later translated the game, cemented this name change as personally preferring Leona as to a powerful "lioness" vs Reona.

In the original game and the animation, characters can clearly be heard saying her name as "Reona" and official Japanese merchandise have spelled her name as such, respecting her creator's design as many Westerners know little of Sei's English abilities despite his love for Western occult as proven in his game Bible Black.[2]

  • Reina Morimoto:

St. Arcadia' headmistress and Leona's older sister. Ogiwara is her boyfriend. She had brought Takuro in to this school to give her sister the ultimate pleasure. In the fourth episode, Reina rapes Takuro and was given her desired "ultimate pleasure". Reina has unimaginable power and controls the school entirely. She runs a background lab to scan the school constantly with cameras and is willing to do anything it takes to give her younger sister Reona pleasure.

  • Yuuki Miyagishi

A roommate in Takurō's dorm, Yuuki is an unapologetic woman who likes to masturbate. She is proud of her body and knows how to use it. She even takes advantage of Takuro once in a while when he thinks of dirty or nice things (like Saori). She was the first woman to have sex with Takurō.

  • Ruri Nonomiya

From her looks, Ruri is the innocent one out of the cast, but looks are deceptive. She loves sex just like all the other girls. She is the best friend of Yuuki and likes to do things together with her, such as annoying and taking advantage of Takurō.

  • Maiko Kaneda

Maiko wears glasses and is the most intelligent of the group. She spends most of her time reading books and using her computer for studying. She may seem to be the quiet bookworm type, but again, her looks belie her ravenous sex drive. Maiko loves to masturbate whenever or wherever she can. Her sex drive is apparently so great that she required a gang bang to feel properly satisfied.

  • Matsuno Kaori

Matsuno is Hayami's homeroom teacher, she is also the one who administered his "entry exam" in the first episode. When it comes to Reina and Leona, Matsuno is practically spineless and follows their orders, until the fourth episode when she fails to hold her self back and rapes Takuro, after which she is gang banged as a punishment for doing so by Reina. After that she is not seen nor mentioned again.


  • Lesson 1 - Welcome to the All-Girls Dormitory!!
  • Lesson 2 - Girl's Battle Royal Has Begun!!
  • Lesson 3 - Sex Battle Continues for Ultimate Pleasure!!
  • Lesson 4 - The Biggest Crisis Hit the St.Arcadia!!
  • Lesson 5 - St.Arcadia's Darkest Secret About To Be Revealed!!
  • Lesson 6 - The Carnal Battle Ends With A Surprising Finale!!


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