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Dimitry Michann (born 1979) began acting in television commercials and voice-overs in 1998. He joined an improvisational comedy troupe, ImprovJam, and performed with them for almost 7 years in Redbank/Eatontown NJ.[1][2] He wrote and directed the cult films, "Valet" and "Snow Job".

He was in over 2 dozen national commercials, best known as Mnt Dew Pitch Black Kid.[3]

He was the rapping kid in the first "Bada ba ba ba" McDonalds commercial.

Played: Art in "Pandora" 2002 film

Voiced: Vermin & assorted characters in The Warriors (2005) video game by Rockstar.

Voiced: Casey in Bully (2006) video game by RockStar.

He is in a rock band, DedSexi.[4][5]

He is now working as the "JerseyTrainer" [6] somewhere in Monmouth County.


Featured in Men's Health Magazine "Ask the Trainer" Aug 2008-present Celebrity Trainer. Clientel includes: Marzia Prince, Selena Gomez, and Zoe Saldana.

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