Dictatorial Herr (独裁君 Dokusaikun?) is a yonkoma manga by Yoshiie Gōda serialized in the quarterly journal Wascism.


Charles de Csai (シャルル・ド・クサイ Sharuru do Kusai?)
Director of the bureau (局長 Kyokuchō?)
Charles's aide.
Heaven Yas (天安悶 Ten Anmon?)
Charles's father's schoolmate and the emperor of the 'Empire of Daica'.
Lot of Inlets (江沢山 Kō Takusan?)
Aa (明明 Meimei?)
Messhe (メッシー Messhī?)
The emperor of only friendly country 'Empire of Wham'.

Charles's Woman

A derivation work featuring the experience of the female cheerleaders member sent to 'Cherry Blossoms'.

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