Dendrobates is a Japanese manga series started in 2006 which had run to 6 volumes by December 30, 2008. The story is written by Ishiwata, Youji while the art is drawn by Yamane, Akihiro.

Dendrobates Cover Art, Volume 1

Dendrobates Cover Art, Volume 1.jpg

Plot: Sengawa is a quiet police accountant by the day, but by night he turns into a ruthless assassin who avenges whoever is willing to pay a price. Meet the Man with a 1000 guns.


Junichirou Sengawa: An accountant that works for the police in the same accountant department as Yoshimura. At night he turns into the Man with a 1000 guns, an assassin who enacts revenge to those the police can't or refuse to help. The guns he uses are the guns that the police take from crime scenes as evidence.

Yoshimura: A fellow co-worker of Sengawa, she critizes the police for being too bureaucratic. Although they are friends, she doesn't know that Sengawa is the Man with a 1000 guns.

Miura: Detective in the same police force Sengawa works for, he often has an unlit cigarette in his mouth when his is thinking. He has met the Man with a 1000 guns, but does not know his true identity and does not suspect it to be Sengawa.

Wu "Sicarius" Longfei: Once a professional hitman in Columbia(hence Sicarius), he escaped the Chinese and fled to Japan. Also seems to have connections with the Japanese Yakuza. Miura describes him as a "fat pig."

Alonzo Pedoya: A 27 year old Colombian assassin, he left South America to start a new life in Japan. There he took an assassination job again from Longfei for 3,000,000 yens to help his Iranian friend return his little brother back to Iran.

Sugihara: The man who found a job for Pedoya. Also gives funeral service to foreigners.