Dakishimete Noir (抱きしめて!ノアール Hold On Me! Noir?) is a oneshot shōjo manga created by Iisaka Yukako.


Cute and child-like high schooler Suzu has an affinity with animals. She wasn't aware of just how much so until the day a large black cat literally falls into her arms! She wakes up after taking the injured cat home to treat its wounds, and finds a naked boy, "Noa" in her bedroom! He claims to be the cat, "Noir".

It appears that someone is after Noir as they are suddenly attacked by cats. Suzu can sense they are being controlled against their will. After their escape Noir/Noa is impressed by her bravery and the fact that she can understand animals—so much so that he asks her to have his babies!

Poor Suzu, what is she to do with this cat-boy who's determined to stay close to her, VERY close? And what of those who are just as determined to get Noir back?


is the main heroine of the story. She has an extraordinary skill to understand the thoughts of the animals. Her friends tease her for not having a boyfriend because she looks like an elementary kid.
is the main hero of the story. Noir/Noa is a spoiled brat that seeks freedom. After witnessing Suzu's bravery he wanted to make babies with her. Noir is a very jealous person.
is the friend of Suzu and Noir. At first though, he was sent by the Lab to bring back Noir. He is envious of Noir because he can do whatever he wants.
is Noir's original fiancee. She is in love with Noa[?!] and a bit of insecure of Suzu.
her main objective is to produce a shape-shifting human. That's why she tries to mate Noir and Chez. But in the end she told the other scientist that it's better to watch the cat clan do whatever they want and observe from afar.
Suzu's mom
she loves cats, like Suzu, and is very fond of Noir.



2003-05-26 (tankoubon release)

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