DR Movie is a Korean animation studio that was established in Seoul in 1990 and frequently works with Japanese companies on anime titles. Since 1991, the studio has been in an exclusive partnership with the Japanese animation studio Madhouse, and in 2001, Madhouse became a partial owner/investor. In 2006, Madhouse's parent company Index Holdings invested 600 million yen, becoming a major owner.[1] DR Movie has been responsible for the animation production end of several Madhouse anime, starting with Tenjho Tenge in 2004 and continuing notably with Claymore in 2007. DR Movie has also been looking to make partnerships with Chinese animation companies for future productions, and as of March 2007 entered into a joint venture studio in Qingdao, China.[1]

Besides Madhouse, DR Movie also has worked extensively with Nickelodeon, Sunrise, Warner Bros Animation, Gonzo and Studio Ghibli. DR Movie is the only Korean contract studio which Ghibli has worked with.[2]

Additionally, DR Movie maintains a production facility in Busan, known as Busan DR.


Original Productions

As a Support (Overseas) Studio for American production

As a Support (Overseas) Studio for Japanese Productions


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