This article is about the upcoming 2010 graphic novel imprint line from DC Comics. For the term for the Multiverse named Earth-One, see Earth-One.

DC: Earth One is a series of graphic novels published by DC Comics. Each graphic novel is set in its own universe, separate from DC's mainstream universe. The series has been compared to Marvel Comics's Ultimate Marvel universe. DC Comics has announced two titles in the Earth One series, Superman: Earth One and Batman: Earth One. DC Comics has also announced that more titles are forthcoming. The series begins with Superman: Earth One, which will be published on November 2, 2010.

The DC: Earth One series depicts original stories focused on DC Comics characters during their first years and earliest moments, retold in standalone, original graphic novel format. The titles are set in a new continuity on a new Earth, and each title is created by renowned writers and artists.

The series has been compared to two other imprints, Marvel Comics' Ultimate Marvel and DC Comics' All Star DC Comics. DC: Earth One reintroduces DC Comics characters to new readers, unburdened by decades of continuity, similar to those series. A significant difference is that all titles under the DC: Earth One line share the same universe, like Marvel's Ultimate series, unlike DC Comics' All Star series, in which each title is set within its own unique universe, without a focus on reintroducing characters to new audiences.

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Two Earth One titles have been announced.

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