D-Live!! (ドライブ!! DoRaibu!!?) is Ryōji Minagawa's manga series made after Project ARMS, published in Shōnen Sunday Comics Special by Shogakukan publishing company. The story is about Satoru Ikaruga, a high school kid multi-driver nicknamed "genius driver" who can drive almost any vehicle, working for the Almighty Support Enterprise (ASE). He is called whenever ASE is hired to solve a case which involved vehicle driving.


Satoru Ikaruga

A high school boy who do part time job with ASE Japan Branch as a vehicle driver specialist. His father was a friend of Hajime Mozu and also an ASE driver who died in doing his job.

Hatsune Shimizu

A high school girl, the mechanic specialist of ASE Japan Branch. Her dream is to make her late father's motorcycle racing team wins the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race. She almost made it with Satoru riding her bike, but an accident happened that made Satoru didn't finish the race.

Hajime Mozu

Chief of ASE Japan branch. He is an ex-ASE vehicle driver specialist, Satoru was trained by him. He is sometimes cruel to Satoru by cutting his payment if Satoru made any mistake in doing his job.

Clever Owl

He is ASE USA branch's specialist in spying and infiltrating. He is also a playboy and thinks that he is the next James Bond. He always gets sick if traveling in a vehicle, especially if the driver is Satoru. Only Mozu can make him not sick in a vehicle.

Rika Karasuma

ASE Japan Branch's specialist of geology. A beautiful woman who is lecturer in a university in Japan.


D-Live!! had been selected among one of the most recommended manga to read at the 9th Japanese Media Arts Festival in 2005.[1]


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