Cyber Spin is a Super NES futuristic racing video game that was released in 1992 to Japan and North America. It is known in Japan as Shinseiki GPX: Cyber Formula (新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ New Century GPX Saiba Fomyura?, "New Century GPX Cyber Formula")[4] which is based on the anime Future GPX Cyber Formula, and because of that, it has the proper license to use the characters from the anime.


The game uses a top-down perspective and was designed in the same technique as classic arcade racing games.[5] The vehicles of the two versions are completely different from each other. There are tracks all around the world.[5] Players of the game become a part of a science-fiction version of the 2015 Formula One season. All of the automobiles are turbocharged with advanced futuristic technology that allows for extra speed every time a "Power Boost" is used (at the cost of the vehicle's energy reserves).[1]

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The player does not automatically qualify for a race and must beat a certain time limit to advance the story line. There is a free mode and gpx mode (Japanese release only), password mode and scenario mode (with Japanese anime-like cut scenes in the Japanese version). Passwords consisting of letters and numbers helps the player keep their progress in the game.[1] In the scenario mode, the object is to guide an up and coming driver to the ultimate victory. Quitting once means game over. There is a different order of race tracks that the player confronts when comparing the Japanese version to the North American version. For example, the tracks in the earlier stages of the North American version are quite simple while the Japanese version forces the player to compete against more "complex" race layouts starting from the second level.

In the Japanese version, the fastest car (Super Asurada 01) can travel up to Script error. Driven by the main character as its most-powered up vehicle, the player exceeds modern day NASCAR stock cars by more than 100 miles an hour. It will not be possible for the actual Formula One vehicles to go this fast in 2015 given the science fiction elements that the anime (and the video game) were based on. Even next-generation games like Gran Turismo 5 and Corvette Evolution GT disallows players from reaching speeds in excess of 300 miles an hour due to their emphasis on realism instead of science-fiction futurism.


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