Cutie Honey, the legend of an angel or Cutie Honey Tennyo Densetsu (キューティーハニー天女伝説 Kyūtī Hanī tennyo densetsu?), also known in Italy as Cutie Honey '21, is a Japanese manga by Go Nagai. It is a sequel to the Cutie Honey and Cutie Honey 90s manga series created by Nagai as well.


The year is 2005. The police, unable to carry out their work, are asking for help from talented private investigators for the most complex and important work.

Among these are Seiko Hayami, who, with the help of her assistant Hisashi Hanyu, will be involved in cases concerning strange apparitions of monstrous beings, which will eventually lead to a confrontation with the Panther Claw terrorist organization/religious sect, who worship the goddess Zora, under the command of the bestial Sister Jill.

Defeating the organization seems impossible, but help is at hand from the android, Cutie Honey. Having seemingly travelled from the 70s to defeat Panther Claw, she resides with Seiko in the form of Hisashi.

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