Crystal Tools is a game engine created by Japan-based RPG developer company, Square Enix, for in-house use. Originally titled, "White Engine", it was renamed in the development process of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It has been built specifically to create seventh generation games. It was originally planned to be used with the Playstation 2, when it was swapped to the PS3. Tetsuya Nomura, a well known employee of Square Enix, has stated 'Swapping from PS2 to PS3 is a lot harder from PS1 to PS2; the hurdles are much greater'.

The engine's most notable feature is the quality of its real-time video. It is capable of advanced audio processing, seamless cutscene to cinematic transition, real time physics calculations, and complex special effects rendering, all approaching cinema quality.

Games using the engine


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fa:کریستال تولز

ms:Crystal Tools

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