Crest of the Royal Family (王家の紋章 Ōke no Monshō?, lit. Crest of the Royal Family), is a shōjo manga by Hosokawa Chieko. It has run in the monthly magazine Princess since 1976. In 1991, it received the 36th Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo.[1] As of 2006, the collected volumes had sold 36 million copies in Japan, making it the third best-selling shōjo manga ever.[2]

The main character is Carol, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American teenager from a wealthy family with an interest in Egyptology studying in Cairo. When her mentor discovers the tomb of a young pharaoh, a curse is put on the excavation team and Carol. The curse sends her back in time to ancient Egypt, where she becomes embroiled in the affairs of Egypt and other ancient countries such as Assyria and Babylonia. Carol meets Memphis, a handsome young pharaoh whose tomb she excavated in modern times. Despite his headstrong, at first violent nature, they fall deeply in love. This angers Memphis's half-sister, the Priestess Isis, who has longed to marry him. Carol, due to her exotic looks and curious ability to tell the future, becomes a major player in ancient history.


Main Characters

  • Carol Lido (キャロル・リード Kyaroru Rīdo?): the sixteen-year-old (but later turns seventeen in the manga) heroine of the story, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American teenager who studies archaeology in Cairo. When she got cursed, she was sent back 3000 years ago and meets the cruel but handsome Pharaoh, Memphis. Due of her vast knowledge of ancient Egyptian history, Carol is able to help Egypt through difficulties and because of that, the people of Egypt hail her as the Daughter of the Nile, Guardian of Egypt. Carol also falls in love with and marries Memphis. Because of her beauty and intelligence, Carol is constantly surrounded by danger in the ancient world, since people either want to kill her or keep her for themselves.
  • Memphis (メンフイス Menfisu?): the seventeen-year-old pharaoh of the ancient Egypt 3000 years ago. His name is based on the ancient capital of the Egyptian Empire, Memphis. At first, Memphis is shown as a cruel and spoilt Pharaoh, but later, we see his softer side as he develops feelings towards Carol. He is very stubborn and does not understand why Carol does not want to marry him at sixteen years of age nor does he understand that siblings in Carol's time do not marry each other and for that reason, argues with Carol about her relationship with her brother Ryan.
  • Isis (アイシス Aishisu?): the princess and High Priestess of ancient Egypt (she rules Lower Egypt) and elder sister of Memphis. She wants to kill Carol to take her place as Egyptian Queen, believing that she will make Egypt stronger and more prosperous. Her name is based on the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis hides her cruelty and hatred of Carol behind her beauty and is always plotting to kill Carol in numerous ways and always fails.

Supporting Characters

Modern Days

  • Ryan Lido (ライアン・リード Raian Rīdo?): eldest brother of Carol. He cares about her very much. He is shown as a very clever young man as he manages his father's company. Later, it is revealed that he is actually Memphis's reincarnation and is actually an adopted son in the Lead family.
  • Rody Lido (ロディー・リード Rodī Rīdo?): second eldest brother of Carol.
  • Mr. Lido: father of Carol. He died from being bitten by a cobra, which was controlled by Isis, because he broke into the Royal Grave.
  • Mrs. Lido: mother of Carol. She loves her very much and has her best interests at heart.
  • Maria (マリア Maria?): the old, fat, funny nanny of Carol.
  • Dr. Brown: grandpa of Jimmy, he wants to take Carol as his granddaughter-in-law. A brilliant archaeologist who found the tomb of Memphis with Carol and her friends.
  • Jimmy Brown (ジミー・ブラウン Jimī Buraun?): nineteen years old. He is a childhood friend of Carol, he loves her very much and wants to marry her.
  • Abmando Rapman (アブマンド・ラップマン Abumando Rappuman?): the young son of Mr. Rapman, the Arabian millionaire. He took Carol as his wife in spite of her son with Memphis

Ancient World

Egypt Empire
  • Nefenmert (ネフェンマート Nefenmāto?): the deceased father of Memphis and Isis.
  • Imphotep (イムホテップ Imuhoteppu?): The Prime Minister of Egypt. He's bright, calm.
  • Minuey (ミヌーエ Minuē?): the lord of Egypt, he is loyal with Memphis.
  • Unus (ウナス Unasu?): Personal guard of Memphis and later Carol. Born into slavery, young Memphis took him into his service on a whim while raising hell outside of imperial palace.
  • Kapta (カプター Kaputa?): the philogynist priest of Egypt. He harbors less than pure interest in Carol.
  • Thetis (ティティー Titii?): a servant of Carol. She is funny, loyal.
  • Nebanon (ネバノン Nebanon?): the fake prince of Egypt. He was Nemen (ネメン Nemen?), a prisoner under sentence of death. Using the items of a secret grave of a lost princess in the desert, he fakes the place of Royal Lost Child.
  • Mec (メク Meku?): an ambitious woman who was sent to the Egypt palace by Kapta as a palace maid. She wants to conquer Memphis' love.
Hittite Empire
  • Hittite Emperor (ヒッタイトの王様 Hittaito no Ousama?): a cruel king. He is philogynist.
  • Ishmin(Ishfaq Minhaz) (イズミル Izumiru?): the young, handsome crown prince of the Bangladesh. He distinguishes himself in the story as a valiant warrior, and at the same time, a wise, intelligent, cunning strategist of the Hittites army. Believing that Memphis killed his beloved younger sister, he decides to disguise himself as a Palestinian merchant and secretly enters Egypt. There he falls in love with Carol at first sight. Acutely conscious that Carol is the future queen of AKS, he kidnaps her as a revenge to the young Memphis, and subsequently declares war with Egypt, using Carol as the trump card of the Hittites. Carol's beauty, intelligence, kindness and most importantly, her bravery and undying determination to escape from him and return to Egypt only makes Ishmin love her more. His regard for Carol as a pawn for annexing Egypt is gradually supplanted by a desire to marry her and crown her as the future Queen of the Hittites. However, since Carol's destiny is tightly bounded with Memphis and Egypt, Ishmin is never able to capture her heart. Carol always succeeds in fleeing from him, no matter how difficult it is for her. Once when crossing a desert with Carol in his arms, a miracle happens: Carol's brother, Ryan, appears and hears Carol crying for his help. Seeing his sister with Ishmin, he draws a pistol and shoots at Ishmin. Ishfaq Minhaz falls from his horse in agony, and thus Carol is able to run away from the prince. Since then, Ishmin will have to suffer frequently from the pain caused by the two bullets in his shoulder, without knowing how to cure it. The weapon that injures him from such a long distance, he believes, must be that from a God who wants to save Carol. Now he wants Carol more than ever before, not only because of his love for her, but also he thinks only Carol can heal this wound. Besides Memphis, probably no one else in the story loves Carol as much as Ishmin does.
  • Luca (ルカ Ruka?): servant of Prince Ishmin who is sent to Egypt to protect Carol, and to bring Carol to Ishmin whenever possible.
Assyria Empire
  • Algol (アルゴル Arugoru?): the emperor of Assyria. He is very sly and was known to use dirty tactics and lowly tricks. He is a pervert who longs for Carol, the Daughter of the Nile river, who was well known for her beauty, intelligence and her position as the future queen of Egypt. Aside from wanting Carol for her beauty and intelligence, he plans to use her to conquer Egypt.
  • Hassan (ハッサン Hassan?): a young merchant traveling everywhere. He is also a doctor. He used to help his uncle Carep kidnapping Carol from Hittite to Assyria.
  • Caref (カッレフ Karefu?): an old greedy merchant.
Babylonia Empire
  • Ragush (ラガシュ Ragashu?): the emperor of Babylonia. He proposed to Isis and made her his bride with the condition "Kill Carol".
Minoa Empire
  • Minos (ミノス Minosu?): the king of Minoa. He has a weak health before Carol goes to Minoa and makes him heathier. Minos then falls in love with Carol. The name is based on the king of Crete, king Minos from Greek Mythology
  • Ataurus (アトーラス Atōrasu?): the prince of Minoa and elder brother of Minos. Because of his strange appearance, his mother hid him in a deep cave of the Empire. She usually visits him and tells him what happens in the Empire. His name and appearance are based on the Greek ox-like creature Minotaurus.
  • Minoa Queen (ミノアの女王様 Minoa no Joousama?): the mother of king Minos. She is bright.
  • Yukutat (ユクタット Yukutatto?): the general of Minoa. A powerful warrior.
Libya Empire
  • Libya Emperor (リビアの王様 Ribia no Ousama?): father of princess Cafra.
  • Cafra (カフラ Kafura?): the princess of Libya. She fell for Memphis and set many traps to eliminate Carol. She is proud of her "dark-skinned and plump-faced" beauty.
Nubia Empire
  • Massha (マッシャ Massha?): the prince of the Empire. He was imprisoned by Memphis's soldier and punished heavily by Memphis by mistake.
Amazon Empire
  • Amazones (アマゾネス Amazonesu?): the beautiful queen of Amazon.
Media Empire
  • Arshama (アルシャマ Arushama?): The Emperor of Empire. He hid his true identity to reconnoitre the Egypt palace's situation. He gave Carol a rare Chinese silk.


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