For the UK album, see Cowboys and Aliens. For the film based on the graphic novel, see Cowboys & Aliens (film).

Cowboys & Aliens is a cross-genre 2006 graphic novel series, created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.


An extraterrestrial species lands in Arizona in the mid-19th century. The aliens plan to squash the Wild West and enslave humanity, but the cowboys and native Apache have other plans.

Film adaptation

Jon Favreau is to direct an upcoming Universal/DreamWorks screen adaptation of the comic. Robert Downey, Jr. was initially in talks to star as Jake Johnson,[1][2] but the role has subsequently gone to Daniel Craig[3] due to scheduling issues on Downey's behalf.[4] Olivia Wilde is in negotiations to play Ella.[5] Noah Ringer has also been cast in the adaption; he is set to play Emmett.[6] Harrison Ford also has a role in the film.[6] Sam Rockwell has also joined the cast, reteaming with Favreau after Iron Man 2.[6] Adam Beach has been confirmed to take on the role of Nat Colorado.[7] The script was written by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Damon Lindelof.[6] Kurtzman, Orci, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, and Brian Grazer are producing.[6]

The projected release date is July 29, 2011.[8]

Webcomic sequel

Cowboys and Aliens: Worlds at War (or Cowboys & Aliens II)[9] is a 2007 online-only extension of the graphic novel. It is written by Alana Joli Abbott.

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