Continüm Comics was an American comic book publisher which operated between the years 1988–1994. Owned and operated by Joseph Naftali, their most successful title was The Dark.

Notable creators who worked for Continüm include George Pérez, Joe Linsner, Larry Stroman, Mark Bright, Dan Panosian, and Janice Chiang.


Established in 1988 in New York City, Continum published its first tile in 1988, Continüm Presents. In 1990 Continüm rededicated itself to its core titles, The Dark, Foodang, and The Mighty Mites.[1] The company continued until 1994,[2] when it changed its name to August House, Inc.

August House colored other companies' comics and CD-ROMs, and continued to self-publish until 1995. Naftali finally closed the doors on August House when he grew tired of the industry's poor business practices.

Titles published


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