Comic Yuri Hime (コミック百合姫 Comikku Yuri Hime?) is a quarterly manga anthology magazine published in Japan by Ichijinsha. The first volume was published in July 2005. It is the successor to Yuri Shimai and features manga with the same yuri (lesbian) themes. Comic Yuri Hime was financially dependent upon Monthly Comic Zero Sum, but from 2008 on the magazine has become independent.[1] To celebrate this, the eleventh volume, released on January 18, 2008, included an extra called Petit Yuri Hime, a collaboration of artists from Comic Yuri Hime, Comic Yuri Hime S and Yuri Hime: Wildrose.[1] Comic Yuri Hime S is Comic Yuri Hime's male-targeted sister magazine. The readership of Comic Yuri Hime is approximately 70% female.[2]

Serialized manga

The majority of the manga in Yuri Hime are one-shots, but there are several serialized stories. Many of the bound volumes released under the Yuri Hime label are collections of one-shots that a manga author drew for the magazine.


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