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Comic Toranoana (コミックとらのあな) is a dōjin shop operated by the Toranoana Inc. (株式会社 虎の穴). This shop specializes in selling manga related items. It is also known by the name, "Toranoana", or simply, "Tora".

About the Company

The name, "Toranoana" comes from the name of the professional wrestling company in the anime series, Tiger Mask, of the same name.

In 1996, the company was established as a yugen kaisha. Soon the company expanded, with Akihabara as a center of this expansion, to many places in Tokyo and other large cities. Then in 2003, the company was converted into a kabushiki kaisha.

List of Stores


Currently there are 15 stores in Japan, 3 of which closed few years ago.

References in pop culture

References to Comic Toranoana can be found in anime and manga. In the Hayate the Combat Butler manga, there's a place called "Shitsuji Toranoana" (執事とらのあな?, lit. Butler's Toranoana) where butlers train. Referring to this place, in volume 6, main character asks, "Is it where they sell lots of dōjinshis?"

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