Comic BonBon (コミックボンボン Komikku Bonbon?) was a monthly Japanese manga magazine published by Kodansha and targeted at elementary school boys.[1] Each issue had 700+ pages, with 80 of them being full-color advertisements. Similar to its rival CoroCoro Comic, it featured tie-ins with game makers and toy makers but toward the end of its run had less of that.


The first issue was published in October 15, 1981. Mobile Suit Gundam was extremely popular at that time. Although the Gundam boom is centered at the higher age group, the fire slowly spread to the lower age group in the form of gunpla and thus it was decided to mainly publish gunpla content. Many popular series were published in Comic BonBon like the SD Gundam series, Rockman series and Medarot series, just to name a few.

Comic BonBon's popularity decline started once the Pokémon Boom began. CoroCoro Comic began to run manga based on popular franchises, such as Mushiking, Pokémon, and Beyblade. Meanwhile, BonBon stuck with Gundam and original manga. BonBon then fell into its Dark Age, with King of Bandit Jing being its most popular manga running.

Comic BonBon then skyrocketed out of nowhere and began to rise to its Golden Age, due to the popularity of BonBon's new Medarot and Cyborg Kuro-chan manga. As years flew by, BonBon began to run more original manga than before. The magazine began to include small prizes in every issue. At one point, Comic BonBon's sales began to increase higher than the sales of CoroCoro Comic. But in 2005, sales and popularity began to decline again.

In the January 2006 issue, Comic BonBon underwent a renewal. It features a revamped logo and a size increase from A5 to B5. The price remains at 480yen.

Due to declining sales, the title ended in late 2007 and was replaced by Shōnen Rival.[2]

Featured manga



  • Gundlander
  • Kouryu Densetsu Villgust
  • Mobile Suit Gundam F91
  • Ultra Ninpocho series (1992-2001)
  • Rockman X
  • Shin Musha Gundam Chou Kidou Daishougun
  • Chou Musha Gundam Bushin Kirahagane
  • Chou Musha Gundam Touba Daishougun
  • Medarot series (1997-2003)
  • Shin Iyahaya-kun
  • SD Gundam Fullcolor Theater
  • Cyborg Kuro-chan
  • Chou Musha Gundam Tensei Shichinin Shuu
  • Chou Musha Gundam Musha Senki Hikari no Hengen Hen
  • Transformers Beast Wars II
  • Microman
  • King of Bandit Jing
  • Doonto! Dragon Kid!
  • Herohero-kun



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