Coji-Coji (コジコジ Koji Koji?) is a manga series by Momoko Sakura which was serialized in the shōjo magazine Kimi to Boku from December 1994 through May 1997. The manga was adapted into an anime television series titled Sakura Momoko Theater Coji-Coji (さくらももこ劇場 コジコジ Sakura Momoko Gekijō Koji Koji?) which aired from October 4, 1997 until September 25, 1999 on TBS in Japan.[1] It featured a talking snowman and a character with a kettle for a head.

In addition to the anime series, there is a Dreamcast party game from Marvelous Entertainment based on the television series. The Dreamcast microphone was used to play the game. The title character is voiced by Shizuka Aoki, and it also features the vocal talents of Urara Takano and Katashi Ishizuka. A pachinko game titled CRA Sakura Momoko Theater Coji-Coji (CRAさくらももこ劇場コジコジ Shī Aru Ei Sakura Momoko Gekijō Koji Koji?) was also released by NewGin in 2010. At least four different versions have been released.[2]


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