Clear Skies! is a Japanese manga series written by Akira Sugano and illustrated by Etsumi Ninomiya. The manga is licensed in North America by Digital Manga Publishing under its Juné imprint, which released the first volume on 28 August, 2008.[1] It's about four brothers living together, when one of the brother's old high school flame turns up and claims that he's married to the brothers' wild older sister, who is nowhere to be found, bringing his adopted son.


Mania Entertainment described the premise as "an even more unlikely version of the Brady Bunch", and praised Ninomiya's work on the eyes of the characters.[2] Active Anime praised the series' humour and character interactions,[3] saying it's "a gentle and lovely story about what makes a family".[4] Comic Book Bin describes the feel of the tale as being 'quiet, intimate', but sometimes 'a little too dry'.[5]


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