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Clash of the Sky Galleons is a children's fantasy novel by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, first published in 2006. It is the ninth volume of The Edge Chronicles and the third of the Quint Saga trilogy; within the stories' own chronology it is the third novel, preceding the Twig Saga and Rook Saga trilogies that were published earlier.

Plot summary

The story is set aboard the Sky pirate ship The Galerider. Wind Jackal wants revenge against his previous quartermaster, Turbot Smeal, for burning down the Western Quays in Undertown along with most of Wind Jackal's family. Meanwhile the Leagues of Undertown begin making preparations for war with the sky pirates. The Galeriders crew encounter several dangerous traps as Wind Jackal carries out his quest to find Smeal. The crew of The Galerider are puzzled but it soon becomes clear, as it turns out in the end that the alleged Turbot Smeal was an imposter, greater and far more envious. Eventually in the end, only Wind Jackal, Quint, Tem Barkwater and Spillins the Oakelf remain of the original crew. They come to the wreck of a skyship and meet a man in a skullpelt mask who claims to be Turbot Smeal. Wind Jackal and 'Turbot Smeal' have a duel and Wind Jackal is killed. The man reveals himself to be one of the crewmembers, Thaw Daggerslash. The truth is revealed at the end of the book. The book features a massive sky battle between the Leagues of Undertown and the Sky Pirates. The Climax comes when the Leagues launch the Bringer of Doom.




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