Clamp School Paranormal Investigators (CLAMP学園怪奇現象研究会事件ファイル Clamp Gakuen Kaikigenshō Kenkyūkai Jiken Fairu?) is a set of three illustrated novels written by Tomiyuki Matsumoto in collaboration with Japanese manga group, Clamp. These novels are based upon role-playing game (Clamp Gakuen TRPG) sessions played by Game master Tomiyuki Matsumoto, Takeshi Okazaki and Clamp members. The main characters are based on player characters played in the game sessions. The novels were published by Tokyopop in North America in 2004 and 2005.

The story takes place on Clamp Campus where a series of paranormal events are occurring. Misadventures and solutions occur as five students act as investigators of the supernatural incidents.


Takayuki Usagiya (兎屋 高雪 Usagiya Takayuki?)
A sixteen year old sophomore student of Clamp Campus' high school division, Class B. He is the master of Koizumi-san, a ghost who was once a maid of his family's household before her death. She is based on the player character that was used by Nanase Ohkawa.
Mifuyu Mizukagami (水鏡 美冬 Mizukagami Mifuyu?)
An eighteen year old third year student of Clamp Campus' high school division, Class Z. Despite her innocent appearance and air-headed personality, she is a master swordfighter. She carries around her master blade, Kotetsu, all the time and will cut down any enemy who dares to cross her path. Mifuyu is based on the player character that was used by Satsuki Igarashi.
Yuki Ajiadou (亜細亜堂 ユウキ Ajiadō Yūki?)
A sophomore student of the high school division in Class A, this lovely blonde lass is actually a boy. With the ability to teleport, Yuki is a psychic who dreams of becoming an extraordinary actress. Yuki is based on the player character used by Takeshi Okazaki.
Rion Ibuki (伊吹 りおん Ibuki Rion?)
A second year student the middle school division's Class C, fourteen year old Rion is a member of a proper Shinto family and was born and raised in a shrine. She is the youngest of a long line of revered spiritual mediums and possesses the power to see spirits and read their thoughts. She is based on the player character that was used by Tsubaki Nekoi.
Koji Takamura (鷹村 光司 Takamura Kōji?)
Eleven year old Koji is a member of elementary school division in sixth grade in Class A. A member of the prestigious Takamura clan of ninjas, Koji is talented in the arts associated with his family. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a height that matches the level of his skills. Koji is also the cousin of Takamura Suoh of Clamp School Detectives. He is based on the player character that was used by Mokona.
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