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Christopher Donaldson (born, May 21, 1973 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) is a screenwriter and director who has worked in the comic book industry. He animated cartoons as a storyboard artist and wrote numerous TV commercials for toys throughout the late 1990s.

Donaldson wrote the movie Act Of War for North American Pictures and worked on various drafts of screenplays for projects like Preacher based on the DC/Vertigo comics character for Electric Entertainment and Judge Dredd 2 for Shoreline Entertainment.

His screenwriting video game work includes Need For Speed 3:Most Wanted and SSX4 for EA Games. He directed numerous music videos which include the award winning video Waiting for a martyr For the band Cyanotic among many others.

Donaldson also wrote the movie 'Bloodrayne 2:Deliverance' for Bright Light pictures and Uwe Boll with Screenwriter Neil Every.

Donaldson and Every together also wrote the CGI Animated kids film 'Escape to Honey' for Boybee films in China.

Christopher Donaldson resides in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada and splits his time directing and writing Feature films, TV and video games.Template:Canada-actor-stub

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