Chobits Character Song Collection is the character song album of Chobits. It features an image song sung by the voice actor/actress and a background-music "theme" for each character, as well as the ending theme for the last episode, Love of Babble.

Track listing

  1. I Hear You Everywhere Chii image song by Tanaka Rie
  2. In Undertones [Chii's Theme]
  3. Sing a Song Motosuwa Hideki image song by Sugita Tomokazu
  4. A Wild Fancy [Motosuwa's Theme]
  5. Beyond Kokubunji Minoru & Yuzuki image song by Kuwashima Hoko & Orikasa Fumiko
  6. Mix-Zone [Minoru's Theme]
  7. The Door of Remembrance Hibiya Chitose image song by Inoue Kikuko
  8. Make My Day [Hibiya's Theme]
  9. Groove Master Hiromu Shinbo & Sumomo image song by Seki Tomokazu & Kumai Motoko
  10. A Storm in a Teacup [Sumomo's Theme]
  11. Because I'm Human Omura Yumi image song by Toyoguchi Megumi
  12. I Beg Your Pudding? [Yumi's Theme]
  13. Love of Babble [Duet Version] by Chii (Tanaka Rie) and Hideki (Sugita Tomokazu)ru:Список саундтреков аниме «Чобиты»#Chobits: Character Song Collection

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