Chiemi Chiba (Chiba Chiemi, 千葉千恵巳; born February 25, 1975) is a Seiyū (voice actress), J-Pop singer, and former gravure model. She was born in Saitama prefecture, Japan, and made her singing debut on 7 April 1993 as a member of the J-Pop group Aurora Gonin Musume. She has since voiced several characters in Anime series such as Tsubasa Chronicle, MegaMan NT Warrior, Sister Princess and Magical DoReMi. She also did the Japanese dubbing of Baby Bop from Barney & Friends.

Notable voice roles

Live action

  • Yuki Aoyagi in Cosplay Senshi Cutie Knight
  • Kenka Gurentai
  • Marusō Kaizō Jidōsha Kyōshūjo 1 & 2


  • "Mizen" (1994, Bunkasha)


Some sources list her birth date as 12 March 1976.

External links

ko:지바 지에미

id:Chiemi Chibazh:千葉千惠巳

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