Chieko Hosokawa (細川 智栄子 (formerly 細川 知栄子) Hosokawa Chieko?) is a Japanese manga artist born in 1929 in Osaka, Japan.[1][2] She made her professional debut in 1958 with Crimson Rose (くれないのバラ Kurenai no Bara?).[1][3] Her series Crest of the Royal Family, which received the 1991 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo,[4] has been continuously serialized in Princess since 1976.

Her series Akogare was adapted into a TV drama series, titled Hanayomeishō wa Dare ga Kiru (花嫁衣装は誰が着る) in 1986.[3] Another series, Attention Please, was adapted from a 1970 TV drama series produced for Japan Airlines. A newer version of the TV drama was produced in 2006. Shortly after this, a producing deal fell through. This was a controversial deal that contained her painting a live walrus.




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