Chief Detective Kenichi (ケン1探偵長 Kenichi Tantei Chou?) is a manga series by Osamu Tezuka published in Kodansha's Shōnen Club from June 1954 to December 1956.


The manga follows Kenichi, the chief detective of the national Boy Detectives' Street Society. He is joined by Donguri, a talking bird. Together, they travel to various exotic locations solving mysteries, revealing tricks and settling cases.

Incident of the House of Spiders

Kenichi's final case ("Incident of the House of Spiders") was published in Akita Publishing's Boken-O magazine.


Detective Kenichi

The main protagonist and chief of the Boy Detectives' Street Society. Every chapter has him solving a new mystery in various locations across the world.


A Myna bird that is always at Kenichi's side. He has a special ability to be able to reproduce the voice of a person it has heard only once before.

Kenichi's Mother
Kenichi's Father
Mouse Boy
Mr. Hiranuma
Lemonade Citron
Detective Beringen

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